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Qu-Bit Nebulae 2

Qu-Bit Nebulae 2  ·  Source: Qu-Bit

Qu-Bit Nebulae 2

Qu-Bit Nebulae 2  ·  Source: Qu-Bit

Qu-Bit Nebulae 2

Qu-Bit Nebulae 2  ·  Source: Qu-Bit

After the initial fuss at NAMM not a whole lot more information emerged about the Qu-Bit Nebulae 2. Now that it is ready for release we can tell you a bit more about it.

Nebulae 2

It’s a granular sampler first and foremost. It has a phase vocoder audio engine the elasticises the audio making it plyable for time stretching, granularising and mangling. You have independent control over pitch and speed and some neat handling of grain density and scanning through them. You can load up samples from a USB drive or record directly into the module via the audio input into a recording buffer. At 24bit and 48kHz you can record up to an alarmingly long 5 minutes. You can switch between buffer and USB drive at the push of a button with no latency or overlap.

Everything is CV controllable making it a very versatile and manipulable source of sound in your rack. You can trigger record by CV or button, you can reset to the start point in the same way or freeze the buffer in such a way as to retain the musical tone.

The lack of decent video demonstration is still hampering out ability to get a firm grasp on what’s possible with Nebulae but now that its out they can’t be too far away once the experts start playing with one.


One side of the Nebulae I hadn’t heard about was the open nature of the DSP engine. This follows on from the capabilties of the original Nebulae with which I am not familiar. But Qu-Bit say they’ve made the whole alternative firmware thing much simpler. They are providing a simple boot loader which will take the code in whatever format you’re writing it and match it up to the voltages and hardware. For those of us that don’t program there is already a library of firmwares such as reverb, spectral delay and tape-style looper to play with. Although they reckon it’s easy. Firmware can be written in Pure Data, Csound, SuperCollider and bare-bones C.

The Qu-Bit Nebulae 2 is available now for $425.

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