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Image Line FL Studio Mobile arrange page

Image Line FL Studio Mobile arrange page  ·  Source:

Image Line FL Studio Mobile mixer

Image Line FL Studio Mobile mixer  ·  Source:

Image Line FL Studio Mobile drum programming

Image Line FL Studio Mobile drum programming  ·  Source:

Image Line FL Studio Mobile piano roll

Image Line FL Studio Mobile piano roll  ·  Source:


Image Line have announced the arrival of FL Studio Mobile 3. It’s available on, well, everything. It’s just now released on Android, but will shortly be arriving on iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 App, and as a plug-in for desktop FL Studio.


FL Studio Mobile 3

The original version was one of the first and largely the only Universal App for music making on Windows 8. It was brave, groovy and fun to play with but also very grey. The new version brings a lot more colour along with a good bunch of new and expanded features. It’s actually a radical departure from the original, bringing in a more familiar DAW-like project view and a lot more detailed editing. The original felt fun but toy-like, whereas this is a completely different kettle of fish.


Along with the DAW arrange page you’ll also get a step sequencer and a piano roll editor. There’s a virtual keyboard and drum pads to enable you to play with the included synthesizers, sampler, drum kits and loops. It also supports MIDI input from any compatible controller. There’s audio recording with monitoring directly into tracks taking advantage of whatever audio interface you are using. Also onboard is a mixer for control over each track’s output, including the usual things like pan, mute, solo and effects. And there’s a dozen effects built in to give you music a bit of colour.

One key feature that’s quite unique is the plug-in version. You can load up FL Studio Mobile 3 within the desktop version of FL Studio 12 and continue working on the project. Save it and it will sync back to your mobile device. That’s pretty groovy, I think.

Image Line like to present good information as clearly as possible and FL Studio Mobile 3 succeeds in accomplishing that. The colour is welcome if a bit garish and the interface is very flat and straight forward. But it has everything you need designed for your fingertips. The video below takes you through the features but uses a mouse which is a shame. I think you really need to see it working on a touchable tablet to get the hang of its potential on a mobile platform.


There’s a lot more competition on iOS but on Android and as a Windows 10 Universal App there’s nothing really to match it. I’m pleased that Image Line have moved it into a more serious music making space.

There’s no information on the website just yet but it’s on the Google Play App page here for £13.49. I imagine the price will be similar on all platforms.

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Image Line FL Studio Mobile arrange page

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