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JHS VCR pedal

JHS VCR '80s inspired effects x 3!  ·  Source: JHS pedals

Hot on the heels of its Calhoun V2 and The Milkman releases, JHS has just announced yet another pedal designed in cooperation with a big name from the industry. The new JHS Pedals VCR Ryan Adams signature pedal is an ’80s-inspired chorus and reverb pedal, with a load of classic retro sounds in one compact pedal.

VCR – Volume, Chorus, Reverb

Everything about this pedal screams the 1980s, especially the graphics with all those ‘vintage computer’ stripes of colour. Many people under 30 won’t even know that VCR used to stand for Video Cassette Recorder. It’s what we all used before DVDs, Netflix and retroactive digital recording of TV programmes came along. It bears the name of Ryan Adams, the prolific American guitarist and songwriter.

The controls on offer include the following: The Volume control does what it says, boosting your signal with a simple one knob control. Setting the Chorus to noon will achieve an ’80s chorus tone, along the lines of The Cure and not far from tones inspired by a certain Japanese chorus pedal of that era! The Reverb knob is much the same in that it is designed to give you that ’80s reverb sound when set midway. Think The Smiths with this one.

Each effect has a mini-switch underneath it so you can either switch it in or out of the signal path and then switch them all on at once via the single footswitch. Or, of course, just switch in the ones you need and bypass the ones you don’t want. The VCR makes it easy to tailor the sound to your tastes, even given the limited controls. Make sure you check out the official demo video below and revisit your youth with this one.

RRP EUR 289 

JHS Pedals VCR pedal product page

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