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JHS rebrands Ryan Adams’ signature VCR as Space Commander

JHS rebrands Ryan Adams’ signature VCR as Space Commander  ·  Source: JHS

The story so far: In April 2017, we wrote about a JHS pedal, the VCR, developed as a signature model with Ryan Adams. Cut to February 2019, and Ryan Adams is accused of abusive behaviour, leading to gear manufacturers, including JHS, to sever ties with him. A month later, JHS has decided to re-brand the VCR as the Space Commander pedal.

Space Commander

And it is exactly the same pedal as Ryan Adam’s VCR just with a different housing. This new version will cost USD 229, (down from the VCR’s price tage of EUR 289). JHS is also offering to rehouse any existing VCR versions of the pedal with the new ’80s inspired ‘Space Invader’ design for USD 35.

JHS VCR pedal

JHS VCR ’80s inspired effects x 3!

VCR no more

If you never heard the VCR (now known as the Space Commander), you can check it out in the original demo video below. This is the first time I can remember that an effect pedal has had a new design over such an incident. Hopefully, it’ll be the last time as well.

Fender Ryan Adams Master Blaster Stratocaster teased again

Fender Ryan Adams Master Blaster Stratocaster teased again

New paint jobs or gone forever?

Of course, there could potentially be more things once associated with Ryan Adams that could be rebranded to avoid the association with him. There was also a signature Ryan Adams Walrus Audio DEFCON 4 pedal and rumours of a new signature Fender Stratocaster supposedly in the pipeline for 2019. I doubt the latter will ever see the light of day now.

RRP – USD 229 or get your original VCR re-housed for USD 35 plus shipping

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they couldve just removed his name from him. the new name is stupid (following an industry trend to name your pedal after the most stupid stuff ever) but the original design was actually cool. The new design is utter crap, how on earth do they come up with something as unusable as this all dark humbug?