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Walrus Audio DEFCON 4 Ryan Adams signature Boost / EQ pedal

Walrus Audio DEFCON 4 Ryan Adams signature Boost / EQ pedal  ·  Source: Instagram/Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams and JHS caught our eye last year with their stylish VCR pedal. So our attention was piqued when we heard that the American singer-songwriter has come up with a new pedal, this time in collaboration with Walrus Audio: the DEFCON 4. 


DEFCON refers to the defence condition in the USA. It is divided into five levels: 5 means absolute peace, while DEFCON 1 means the crap is hitting the fan. Level 4 is called peacetime, with increased security measures. Apparently, this new pedal was inspired by the 1983 movie “WarGames” – Mr Adams is a lover of all things ’80s!

EQ and Boost?

In keeping with this, there are four parameters on the DEFCON 4 pedal. The controls along the top are 3-band EQs with fixed frequencies (that should suit a Strat or Les Paul) and 5 notched positions for raising or lowering the volume. Each band is turned on separately. The Launch switch is a boost based around a 10 dB MOSFET circuit. That should be enough to give you that little extra when needed.

You can pre-order the DEFCON 4 on the Walrus Audio site now.

RRP – USD 299 

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