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Chest Hair Bra Beat

Chest Hair Bra Beat  ·  Source: kaoringMachine / YouTube

We don’t know what drove the developer of the Chest Hair Bra Beat, but it seems that he has just created the solution to all of your problems. Put on this wearable device and you’ll be forever irresistible. Open up your chest and make sexy sounds whenever you feel like it!

It’s not easy to describe with words the contraption that “kaoringMachine” has put together. It’s a bra. For men, or maybe for women, too. With chest hair. In various colors! And when you tap it, it lights up and makes sexy sounds. Come on, it’s what you’ve always dreamed of!

How the Chest Hair Bra Beat works

From what we’ve been able to find out, the Chest Hair Bra Beat has WiFi, OSC/MIDI, a touch sensor and full-color LEDs. Apparently, it uses Ableton Live, MaxForLive and/or Max, but the exact specifications are still a well-protected mystery. But who cares? It’s the Chest Hair Bra Beat! And it comes with chest hair in various colors, to suit your mood, complexion or erotic pursuits.

Kaoring Machine is a Japanese composer, artist, video producer and inventor. He claims that he’ll actually produce and sell the Chest Hair Bra Beat if enough people share his video. I’m sure you’ll agree that life would be more rewarding if this would make it to production. Become manly man! Wear the Chest Hair Bra Beat!

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