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Teenage Engineering TX-6 Update

The TX-6 gets an update with live beat tracking.  ·  Source: Teenage Engineering


The Teenage Engineering TX-6 update imbues the fascinating micromixer with additional features. Let’s find out what’s instore for users.


The TX-6 firmware update 1.2.5 is now available, with more accurate tap-tempo, and bpm sync to the ping-pong tape scratching effect.

Teenage Engineering TX-6 Update

So what exactly does live beat tracking do?

For one, it makes it possible for the TX-6 to provide real-time sync for other hardware, over MIDI and Bluetooth. When the audio input signal is analyzed, there is even a “confidence meter” which tells you how sure it is of the accuracy. The algorithm anticipates beats before you hear them to avoid being thrown by any sporadic musical changes.

Once the tempo is set, the TX-6 can also send a click track to make for easier collaboration. In the development of the beat tracking feature, Teenage Engineering has paid attention to detail and “spent a lot of effort on finding the right balance between these two opposites: reactivity and stability.”

It might be outlandishly pricey for a portable micromixer, but the features make it far more versatile. What’s more, the “Teenage” design methodology means that future updates could bring even more features to this little monster. It’s certainly aimed at becoming the tiny centerpiece of your portable music creation setup.

Price and availability:

The TX-6 is currently available from Thomann.

You can update your TX-6 now by visiting the downloads page, and the user guide has also been expanded to cover the new features.

Teenage Engineering TX-6

Teenage Engineering TX-6

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More about the TX-6:



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Teenage Engineering TX-6 Update

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6 responses to “Teenage Engineering TX-6 update features live beat tracking”

    BongoPutte says:

    Silly and overly expensive! Get a Zoom plus a synthesizer or two for far less…

    dbms says:

    B&O of the music instruments industry.

    Champ says:

    I love the price because that made me laugh so hard. Can’t wait for usual Youtube reviewers to promote this stupidity in their next ‘unbiased’ reviews.

    Neil says:

    Donner does this for £20, I’ll grant you it’s not quite the same but you’ve got a grand left to fill in the gaps.

    Pixelwash says:

    Would be worth the price if the encoders had LED indicators that gave feedback from a DAW, likewise with the volume sliders, which would need to be motorized and linked to a DAW of your choice. This thing claims to be a computer interface, but there is no reference to its software integration.

    And if it were one tenth of the price, would love it as a portable sub mixer add-on to my current studio setup too,

    And I really like the design aesthetic, I want one just for that. Perhaps I could justify it to myself by claiming to my sane self that it is a synth, not an interface/mixer.

    Ongaku says:

    I think this tiny mixer “might” be worth the value due to how small, and how well constructed it appears to be. However, it is pricey, and might be a bit over priced when considering or comparing it to something like the roland go mix which is about $150 and doing the same thing, However you have to consider that it is also bigger.

    This might be what someone is looking for, and the price might go to the fact that IT IS tiny, and well built.. Its hard to build technology this small and concise that is geared towards professionals which might be another reason for the price.

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