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Kramer is back!

Kramer is back!  ·  Source: Kramer


“Rock’n Roll Never Dies”, but what about hair metal? If I am not mistaken, guitar manufacturers are slowly but surely trying to bring the return of the 80s and 90s into guitar production. Under the motto “Made to Rock Hard”, Kramer will launch several series on the market. Shred ahoi!


History lesson with Eddie Van Halen

In case you aren’t familiar with the former superpower and its sports guitars with the distinctive ‘hockey stick’ headstocks: There was a time when the artist list at Kramer was filled with the greatest, loudest, fastest and best guitarists in the world . At the spearhead was none other than guitar god Eddie Van Halen, who led the combination of Kramer and Floyd Rose to unimagined dimensions.

Kramer The 84

Kramer The 84 · Source: Kramer

In the mid-1980s, the brand actually sold most of the guitars in the world. Even more than Gibson or Fender. Can you imagine that? In 1997 Gibson acquired all rights to names and models.

Kramer Pacer

Kramer Pacer · Source: Kramer

Made to rock hard

While Fender only dares to reanimate their own ’80s heritage with the limited edition HM Strats, Kramer launches several series all at once for this ’80s comeback show.

From the colourful entry-level guitar to the high-priced premium model made in the USA, with The Original, Modern and Custom Graphic Collection will have a lot ready.

Kramer Focus and Baretta Special

Kramer Focus and Baretta Special · Source: Kramer

The Collections

The Original Collection includes the Icon, Baretta, Pacer, Focus and SM-1 models. Whilst the Modern Collection comes with Assault, Striker, Nite-V Bass and more.


Three signature guitars have also been announced: the Gunstar Voyager, Vanguard and Snake-Baretta; for LA Guns’ – Tracii Guns, Difonia’s – Charlie Parra and Skid Row’s – Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo respectively.

Kramer Baretta

Kramer Baretta · Source: Kramer

Is it worth it?

What do you think?

Will 2020 be the year everyone grabs their spandex and hairspray to go Hair Metal? Or are we all a bit too old for this now?

At this rate 2021 will be the rehash of Grunge then.

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Kramer is back!

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One response to “NAMM 2020: Kramer brings hair metal back!”

    Cort says:

    “While Fender only dares to reanimate their own ’80s heritage with the limited edition HM Strats, Kramer launches several series all at once for this ’80s comeback show.”

    Fender brands Charvel and Jackson say hi. Catalogues filled with 80s hair metal guitars. More announced today.

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