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Sheptone Wanker Humbucker

Sheptone Wanker Humbucker  ·  Source: Sheptone

Americans don’t always get British humour, but when they do it makes for a fun day. California-based pickup manufacturer Sheptone has announced its new Wanker humbucker – and I’m pretty sure they know what a wanker is.

Sheptone Wanker humbucker

The new Sheptone Wanker humbucker is aptly named and aimed towards the ’80s-style, hair metal SuperStrat players. It’s s a high-output humbucker and therefore perfect for shredding and over-the-top widdling solos.

Sheptone Wanker

Sheptone Wanker


The Wanker has a 53mm spacing and is designed for Floyd Rose or Fender-spaced bridges. The pickup also features short legs, four-conductor wiring and Alnico 5 magnets. You can order your very own Wanker in either white, cream or black bobbins or with German silver covers plated in a nickel or gold finishes.

All you need now is a Steel Panther Pussy Melter overdrive pedal and a Poontang Boomerang delay pedal to get the perfect solo tone for your favourite Slime Green Bengal!

RRP – USD 129

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Josh Vittek
1 year ago

Thank you so much for the love