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Lollar Staple Pickup single coil P90 Gibson Les Paul

Lollar Staple Pickup - A recreation of the classic '50s Gibson Neck pickup  ·  Source:


Jason Lollar can wind some great pickups, no argument there. This US boutique pickup winder has now released a recreation of the legendary Staple Pickup which was first used by Gibson on the original Les Paul ‘Black Beauty’ Custom guitars of the 1950s.


Black Beauty

This new pickup seeks to recreate that Staple Pickup. It was unique to the early Les Paul Customs built in the ’50s by Gibson, and has a unique tone loved by some players (myself included). It sounds little bit like a cross between a regular P90 and a Fender-style single coil pickup. I would describe them as focused and very dynamic, with lots of character. I have yet to find a clone that gets it absolutely right, but Seymour Duncan does a good approximation with their custom shop series.


Of course I haven’t tried this new pickup, so cannot lie and say “Its Amazing!”, but I will say this, I own some Lollar pickups in a few of my guitars and they all sound pretty amazing. So I have high hopes for this recreation.


I couldn’t see any dimensions on the Lollar site yet it does state these will fit in a regular P90 route. The original Staples wouldn’t, as they were much deeper than a regular P90 and therefore needed a specific depth to fit into a guitar.

Original Gibson Staple pickup

Original Gibson ’50s Staple pickup underneath – Image borrowed from Curtis Novak (another amazing pickup maker)


I am not sure how Jason manages to get around this. If you read this, Jason, this please let us know as I am intrigued and I really want to hear one!

The Lollar Staple Pickup has an 8.9k output and is available in black, cream and white finishes. They have a braided traditional hookup wire to attach as well.

RRP USD $145.00 plus shipping and taxes

Lollar Pickups: site 

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  • Original Gibson Staple pickup underneath:
Lollar Staple Pickup single coil P90 Gibson Les Paul

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