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Eurorack 200 Series

Eurorack 200 Series  ·  Source: Gearnews

Eurorack 200 Series

Eurorack 200 Series  ·  Source: Tiptop Audio

Eurorack 200 Series 266t

Eurorack 200 Series 266t  ·  Source: Tiptop Audio

Eurorack 200 Series 258t & 292t

Eurorack 200 Series 258t & 292t  ·  Source: Tiptop Audio

Eurorack 200 Series 257t & 281t

Eurorack 200 Series 257t & 281t  ·  Source: Tiptop Audio

Eurorack 200 Series 245t

Eurorack 200 Series 245t  ·  Source: Tiptop Audio


Together Buchla and Tiptop Audio are reissuing Don Buchla’s legendary 200 Series modular synthesizer system in Eurorack format.


Eurorack 200 Series

The 200 series modules are the bedrock of Don Buchla’s work. They are the modules that gave us “The Electric Music Box”. They brought in concepts of probability and uncertainty to sound and processing along with colour coded patching and the touch-plate keyboard. They found their way into the iconic Music Easel and continue to baffle and delight makers of electronic music to this day. They are complex and beautiful where science, engineering and creativity collide. One could say that they are the musical dreams of an electronics engineer on drugs.

This is quite a monumental meeting of formats and so I think it’s best to hear from the people involved.

Eric Fox the CEO and co-owner of Buchla says:

“When the opportunity presented itself to work with such a reputable company as Tiptop Audio to help reimagine the original 200 series in a new form factor, I jumped at the chance. I knew they had the talent and infrastructure to bring eurorack users for the first time ever an official and genuine sense of the classic Buchla experience at a price anyone could afford. Gur’s (Gur Milstein from Tiptop Audio) enthusiasm and passion towards these designs is very infectious and clearly points to a long and creative partnership for years to come.”

Gur Milstein the head designer and CEO of Tiptop Audio states:

“ I’m excited about the collaboration with Buchla. Working with Eric, Joel and the rest of their team gives us additional access to original documents and knowhow that Don shared with his close colleagues who worked with him in the 70s and recent years before he passed away. These designs require a full understanding of the how and why the circuits should work in order to reach that specific sound and workflow. My team and I are excited to bring Don’s work from those early days of
synthesis back to life knowing we are doing it as accurately as it can be done. Our goal is to recreate as much of the original 200 series as possible and have the full line available through our dealer network with the full customer support Tiptop has built for over a decade.”


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These are going to be known as the “200t” series and on the website they already have:

  • 258t – Dual Oscillator – available Winter 2021 $160-200
  • 281t – Quad Function Generator – available Winter 2021 $170-210
  • 292t – Quad Lopass Gate – available Spring 2022
  • 257t – Dual Voltage Processor – available Spring 2022
  • 266t – Source of Uncertainty – available Spring/Summer 2022
  • 245t – Sequential Voltage Source – available Winter/Spring 2022

I’ve never had the opportunity to play on a Buchla system and these look complex and a bit scary. I’m unsure as to whether it’s better to build a Buchla-only modular of if they would integrate nicely with the mismatched modules of a regular Eurorack system. They look fantastic and I like the use of Tiptop’s stackable patch cables and the illusion that they might be using banana cables.

You can go and check the current modules out in booth B045 for Buchla and W470 for Tiptop Audio.

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7 responses to “Superbooth 2021: Buchla and Tiptop Audio collaborate on classic 200 series modules”

  1. Beat Monster says:

    This is amazing. I have TipTop drum modules and they are excellent. TipTop is a great company with superb customer support. These look excellent! And a good price. Brilliant news.

  2. blah says:

    what’s wrong with banana cables?
    they make for a vastly superior experience from what I understand

    • LoydB says:

      Thousands of existing Eurorack customers are way more likely to get them with Euro cables. Me among them. One of the reasons I got rid of my Easel was I was tired of two cable collections.

    • Robin Vincent says:

      Nothing at all, I was just pointing out that they look like banana cables but are in fact regular Eurorack patch cables.

      • blah says:

        I got that, it’s really cool to take the banana look. It was more of a rhetorical question asked to “the industry”.

  3. David Rogoff says:

    Where do you buy these 3.5mm jacks that look like bananas!?!?!?

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