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Tiptop Audio Buchla 258t and 281t

Tiptop Audio Buchla 258t and 281t  ·  Source: Tiptop Audio


Tiptop Audio has announced that the 258t Dual Oscillator and 281t Quad Function Generator are on their way to the shops and available for preorder.


Buchla Eurorack 200 Series

One of the most interesting developments that we saw at last years Superbooth was the collaboration between Buchla and Tiptop Audio on Buchla modules for the Eurorack format. There are a whole lot of “200 Series” modules planned based on Don Buchla’s original modular system.

While we’d all love to see the whole system released at once we’re going to have to make do with a few at a time. The first ones are Dual Oscillator 258t and the Quad Function Generator 281t.

Dual Oscillator 258t

This is literally two independent oscillators stacked vertically in a single module. They are identical except for the waveshaping. In oscillator 1 the waveform can be shaped from sine to saw, in oscillator 2 you go from sine to square. That’s interesting because it’s not trying to be a dual oscillator in terms of doubling up the waveforms for a bit of thickening and detuning. And there’s no sneaky behind-the-scenes normalisation going on – these are two separate oscillators.

Both have 1v/oct inputs, allaying the fears of these being too Buchla to function in a Eurorack setting, and a Processing input that can control pitch scaling/inversion/expansion. An FM input with depth control completes the functionality. Each oscillator also has two outputs.

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Quad Function Generator 281t

This is a big and rather imposing fellow. At some basic level, it’s a four-channel envelope generator with triggerable and individually CV controllable Attack and Decay. They can run in three modes; Transient, Sustained and Cyclic. Cycling the function is enabled by applying a Gate to the CV input. In Sustained mode the envelope will stay high as long as there’s a voltage at the input. In Transient mode you get a regular AD response.

Tiptop Audio Buchla 258t and 281t

Tiptop Audio Buchla 258t and 281t · Source: Tiptop Audio

All the regular enveloped/functioned voltage comes out of the blue output. The red output pumps out a pulse at the end of the Decay segment which is also the loop point when in Cyclic mode.

You can also pair functions together to generate more complex movements of voltage. The Quadrature function shifts the pair of of function generators by ninety degrees in relation to each other.

I think I’d really like to see a demo video on this one to fully appreciate what it can do, although tutorials and manuals were never the Buchla way – you just have to explore it for yourself.

Available now

Both modules are on their way to the shops and are remarkably priced at $199 for the 258t and $219 for the 281t. Other modules will be along in time and you can check out the webpage for proposed ETAs.

You can order now from Thomann, our affiliate partner:


Tiptop Audio Buchla 258t and 281t

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