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TipTop Audio ART

Tiptop Audio unveils ART and two Buchla modules  ·  Source: TipTop Audio


Tiptop Audio Art is a new polyphonic signal format for Eurorack systems and a new range of 9 total modules. In addition, Tiptop has also announced two new Buchla prototypes in the form of the 296t Spectral Processor and the 207t Mixer.


First things first, let’s get into the Art system as this is a truly groundbreaking development from TipTop.

Tiptop Audio ART

The ART system starts with the Octopus, an 18 HP interface module that converts MIDI from USB or DIN into three sets of eight outputs for ART channels, drum triggers, and velocity CV respectively.

The idea behind the ART signal format is to simplify connectivity between modular systems and other equipment such as computer sequencers, hardware MIDI sequencers, and keyboards.

With each ART channel, you can send polyphonic or monophonic note sequences and create multi-channel polyphony using an internal voice manager.

This is something new for modular systems, as it maintains low jitter and rock-solid timing. According to TipTop, there will be more ART control modules in the future, but this is the foundation of the new system.

TipTop Audio ART


Here’s a quick rundown of the modules in the new ART system:

  • OCTOPUS – ART interface 18 HP
  • ATX 1 VCO – analogue saw VCO 8 HP
  • VORTEX – ART wavetable dual-oscillator module for building polyphonic patches 8 HP
  • CONTROL PATH – Envelope and VCA module 8 HP
  • POLYTIP – a new modular patch cable allowing the transfer of multiple audio signals
  • VORTEX 6 – a six-voice wavetable module inspired by the PPG Wave 2.2 with an SD card slot 20 HP
  • OCTOPASS – an eight-voice 24 dB LPF module based on the 2044 filter 20 HP
  • OCTOSTAGES – an eight-voice analogue envelope module 20 HP
  • HEXAGAIN – a six-voice polyphonic VCA and mixer 12 HP
  • OCTO I/O – POLYTIP I/O interface module 6 HP

Pricing and availability:

The ART OCTOPUS, ATX 1 VCO, VORTEX, and CONTROL PATH modules will be shipping this Summer while the VORTEX 6, OCTOPASS, OCTOSTAGES, HEXAGAIN, and OCTO I/O modules, as well as the POLYTIP cable, will follow in the fall.

Pricing information will be available soon!

Buchla 296t and 207t

On the vintage side of things, TipTop has also launched two new Buchla modules at Superbooth 23.


These include the monster 52 HP 296t 16-band Spectral Processor and the 207t, a 28 HP Mixer and Preamplifier module with CV panning. Pricing is unknown, but both modules are expected to be released in August this year.

More about Tiptop Audio ART:



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Image Sources:
  • The OCTOPUS, ATX1 VCO, and VORTEX 6.: TipTop Audio
  • Buchla 296t Spectral Processor: Tiptop Audio
  • Buchla 207t Mixer/Preamp: Tiptop Audio
TipTop Audio ART

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