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Roland new Robben Ford BC TC RF Tone Capsule

Roland new Robben Ford BC TC RF Tone Capsule  ·  Source:

Roland new Robben Ford BC TC RF Tone Capsule

Look ma, one hand. Robben Ford presenting his new, ahem, capsule.  ·  Source:

Roland have announced a new Robben Tone Capsule to complement the Blues Cube guitar amp range. Having already released them for Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Kirk Fletcher, this new module will hopefully add the fantastic tones of Mr Ford as well to the range.

Here’s what Mr Ford has to say:

“I like to hear just a straight sound, a very true sound, and this is incredibly close to how I want to hear the guitar.”—Robben Ford

Tone Capsule Pros & Cons

It will be interesting to see how these Tone Capsules take off, as they aren’t exactly cheap. Many guitarists are still purists and love valves, guitar pedals and technology with its feet planted firmly in 1950s and 1960s. So these could be a hard sell to more ‘traditionalist’ players.

On the plus side, you can take these and add them into a range of different wattage guitar amplifiers. If they do take off then the theory is the tone library will grow and grow over time as more artists get added to the lineup. I have yet to hear any of these amps with this Tone Capsule technology, so can only go on reviews from online. This makes it hard for me to give an honest opinion on how well the technology actually works.

The Roland Tone Capsule range will work with their Blues Cube Artist, Artist 212, Stage and Tour amp ranges. The new BC TC-RF will be out later this year.


Roland BC TC-RF product details:Site


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