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PRS Robben Ford signature teased on Instagram

PRS Robben Ford signature teased on Instagram  ·  Source: Instagram/Robben Ford


Are we about to see a PRS Robben Ford signature model? Mr Ford recently showed off a brand new PRS model on Instagram with his name on the truss rod cover, with some unique specifications he had asked for.


PRS Robben Ford?

Late this morning UK time, Mr Robben Ford shared an unboxing of a new PRS model that he had specified from Paul Reed Smith. Now, of course, it could be a one-off prototype, or just something he has custom ordered for his own use. But he went to the trouble of sharing it on Instagram, where he knows it will create a buzz. So my guess is we could well see a production model of the guitar sometime in the near future.

PRS Robben Ford pickup split small switch

PRS Robben Ford pickup split small switch

Robben Ford Specifications

All we know currently is that this guitar has Robben’s personal seal/logo on both pickups, along with a pickup splitting switch. He comments on the small switch during the short video, stating he thought it would be larger, but that he can get that changed. It also appears to have a regular single volume and tone control, plus a regular three-way pickup selector. Also, their placement is a bit unconventional for a PRS guitar.

PRS Robben Ford pickups with his personal seal

Bound Neck

We can see a 22-fret bound neck, with PRS Bird inlays and a PRS wraparound bridge with no adjustment. Tuners appear to be the non-locking vintage type. The design is a double-cutaway body, similar to the McCarty model, but there is no mention of the woods used or specifications like the weight. Plus, it is finished in a solid black and so we can’t see any grain, which might have given us some clues as to the wood and construction. It does seem to have a maple top, which can be seen as part of the faux body binding PRS does.


Literally, the biggest thing we can see, and that Robben talks about, is the oversized headstock, which is a first for PRS as far as I am aware. Robben talks about the CBS-era Fender Stratocasters with large headstocks and this appears to be the reason he has chosen to specify such a big headstock on this PRS. You can also clearly see Robben Ford on the truss rod cover.

PRS Robben Ford larger headstock

2021 PRS Experience

Apart from that, we currently have very little to go on and so, hopefully, we might hear more soon from either Ford himself or a more official PRS announcement sometime soon. Players like Dave Grissom and his DGT have really helped drive the credibility of the PRS brand and I could see a Robben Ford model doing well sales-wise, if people like that larger headstock.

The 2021 Experience PRS is due online from 8 July. Maybe we’ll hear more on this model sometime during this event.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Do you like the large headstock? And would you buy a Robben Ford PRS signature model yourself?

PRS Robben Ford Information

Robben Ford reveals Video


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PRS Robben Ford signature teased on Instagram

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