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Welcome to Guitar Gear Gems; a new weekly series where we introduce you to some of the oddball guitar news and under the radar gear that you may have missed. This week, we look at Behringer’s upcoming CE-1 clone, Walrus Audio’s Canvas DI, Robben Ford PRS and the notorious FCK PTN pedal…


Guitar Gear Gems: This week, Behringer Clone Number 3000 and counting…

Yes, we all know Behringer loves to ‘recreate stuff’ or ‘clone classics’, and this week was no different. The company’s new Chorus Ensemble is based on the old Boss CE-1 pedal. As ever, we have zero details, since Uli’s team has just posted the one image on their Facebook page.

It could be interesting though, as some people love that old chorus/vibrato pedal. Although I have to admit, I have owned the original more than once in my life, but was never that impressed with it. The little blue CE-2 is a lot nicer and much better for the guitar, however, you may like the stereo capability of this recreation.

Behringer Chorus Ensemble

Behringer Chorus Ensemble

Walrus Audio Canvas Series Line Isolator DI

These little funky DI boxes come in two distinct flavours, mono and stereo, and should help sort out your guitar signal. The Canvas Series converts your unbalanced signals into balanced signals. It’s essential for working with recording interfaces or, for example, DI’ing into mixers in a live scenario.

Walrus Audio Canvas Series Mono & Stereo Line Isolator DI 

Walrus Audio Canvas Series Mono & Stereo Line Isolator DI

What are the specifications?

The basic specifications include a flat frequency response 20Hz-20kHz, along with a sum switch that allows for output channel summing and thru channel options. You also have a -15dB input pad when in the DI mode. This should help minimise any annoying distortion. Finally, there is the obligatory ground lift switch, which I would consider an essential for a product such as this.

They look funky and colourful, but they aren’t the cheapest on the market. Yet, I think we all know Walrus Audio makes good quality gear, that should last a lifetime. So buy once, and reap the rewards of great signal quality!

RRP – MONO USD 149 or Stereo USD 249


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FCK PTN again?

It would appear that we may well see a new coloured version of the FCK PTN pedal. No real details have been released yet, just a single Instagram post from Caroline Guitar Company. The last release raised a lot of money for some charities working on the Ukraine border, so it looks as though we could see some more fundraising with this big red one.


Another one? This time its red!

Robben Ford PRS is coming when?

We already knew this one was on the cards. But now it looks like it may come sooner than expected! No real details as of now, but those pickup covers are exactly what was teased before. Keep an eye out on the PRS main site and Instagram accounts over the coming weeks. That’s about all the information available at this time.

Robben Ford teases new PRS?

Robben Ford teases new PRS? Or is it just pickups?


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5 responses to “Guitar Gear Gems: Behringer CE-1, Walrus DI, Robben Ford PRS”

    JP says:

    Cheap copy, cheap copy, cheap copy… and there’s me hoping that the bad old days of Hondo, Marlin and the like had been left where they belonged.

    Alas, it seems that with the likes of Behringer and Harley Benton saturating the PR airwaves, it seems that the market for a cheap copy has never been bigger.

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Sadly, it seems originality is the domain of the minority.

      Jef says:

      Yeah, there is an awful lot of ‘recreations’ or ‘clones’ being marketed these days. Would be nice if someone could look forwards instead of backwards for once. I guess it is a lot easier to copy, than to create though. Plus, zero R&D costs, and easy marketing, as you just say “It sounds like the thing we copied” etc etc

        JP says:

        The huge irony is that, if nobody creates anything new, there can be nothing that becomes a ‘classic’. And thereby giving the quick, cheap and nasty buck-chasers nothing to copy.

        Ultimately it becomes self-defeating

    Shawn says:

    I’m looking forward to the Beringer ce-1. I also had the original boss ce and it’s a different critter from later choruses. I also find the vibrato a more interesting and useful vibrato than most. I’m very glad and can’t wait to get one.

      Jef says:

      I’ve owned the original many time and never really got on with them. I think it is a large box, with some fairly nice chorus/vibrato. Just the noise and the very temperamental Input level, are not worth the hassle for me. But, to be fair I am not a huge fan of chorus as an effect on guitar anyway. Therefore, I am not the exactly target audience for this pedal anyway. All the John Frusciante fans will probably want one though, as he likes them.

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