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PRS John Mayer Prototype

PRS John Mayer Prototype  ·  Source: Instagram/The Gear Page

The PRS John Mayer Silver Sky signature guitar could be available in new colours soon! John Mayer has just posted a photo on Instagram of a Silver Sky model with a finish  we haven’t seen before.

Silver Sky Colour Version 5.0.1

According to My Mayer’s Instagram post, it is currently called Colour Version 5.0.1. It also has PROTO scrawled in what looks like permanent marker just below the bridge.

The PRS Silver Sky has already caused controversy with its Fender Stratocaster styling. John even make a video defending it and many players either adore or abhor it. So will we see new colours in time for Summer NAMM?

With folks over at The Gear Page forum already arguing over its worth, this could be a fun one!


PRS John Mayer Prototype

PRS John Mayer Prototype

by Jef

2 responses to “PRS John Mayer Silver Sky prototype teased on Instagram”

  1. “With the folks over at The Gear Page forum already arguing over its worth”. Jef, that bunch over there would argue over the sunrise and whether it was as good as the ‘vintage’ sunrise of 1954 or whatever. And Jef you can cue the wailing, gnashing of teeth, and John Mayer/PRS hating over this guitar in 5…4…3…2……….

    • Jef says:

      I agree they are a highly opinionated bunch and very stuck in their ways, however a few over there really know their onions and share some quality nuggets of information. Like any forum, you always get a mob mentality and at some point, it descends into chaos, then emerges back into reality once all the name calling ends.

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