PRS John Mayer Silver Sky, Horizon

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky in Tesla inspired Horizon red  ·  Source: PRS

That new John Mayer PRS Silver Sky signature model has certainly placed the cat amongst the pigeons – so much so that John himself has addressed the fans and critics directly.

Silver Sky

The PRS Silver Sky supposedly took two and a half years to develop and John Mayer is very proud of what he and PRS have achieved. On both sides of the Atlantic, however, guitar forums, YouTube channels and ‘guitarists down the pub’ are arguing about the model, with some polarised views on the guitar.

The general gist is that some people are berating the guitar as just a Fender Stratocaster with a reverse PRS headstock and bird inlays. If that was the case I’m sure Paul Reed Smith could have made this guitar years ago, so hearing Mr Mayer’s opinion clears up the reasons why and how this guitar came into being.

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky

From the ground up

John states that having a direct line of conversation with Paul Reed Smith was a huge part of why he went with PRS in the first place.

This makes perfect sense. What artist would not want direct access to the main man designing a guitar? The two spent their time, John says, building the Silver Sky from the ground up taking nothing for granted. Yes, John is familiar with the Strat body shape and so this is where they started, but things took a turn towards rectifying things that he wanted addressing, from the ‘scoop’ at the front and the design of the control knobs. The SIlver Sky is based on John’s favourite early ’60s Stratocasters represents improvements on aspects he thought needed changing.

This includes simple things like the finishes on offer, which are based on Tesla car colours (a homage to Leo Fender’s custom car colours of the ’60s). The video is an interesting watch and comes in at around 40-odd minutes long, but stick with it as it covers a lot of bases. You get to hear John play the guitar whilst giving a good overview of the reasons why he decided to work with PRS.

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Any difference between the maple neck and rosewood

Jersey Bill

Johns string gauges on the demo?