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PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature model

PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature model  ·  Source: PRS


At the beginning of 2018, PRS presented a brand new signature electric guitar designed in cooperation with John Mayer. It looked pretty much like a Fender Stratocaster with some modifications including, of course, a PRS headstock. Bit given that not everyone can afford that, we thought PRS might do well to introduce a cheaper SE version. Now it turns out that the American company is at least considering it…


SE Silver Sky

This year we heard one rumour about an upcoming SE version of the Silver Sky. It turned out to be new colours of the core USA PRS Silver Sky.

The latest rumour is pretty thin in terms of any real substance (or proof), but it is out there now and so we figured we should comment. It consists of one interview with  Jack Higginbotham, COO of PRS, posted on Music Radar.  The question was raised about there being a possibility of  a cheaper PRS Silver Sky SE:


“I like the way you did that: ‘When?’ Maybe you’d better turn off your voice recorder… “

PRS Silver Sky - Is there an SE version on the way?

PRS Silver Sky – Is there an SE version on the way? · Source: PRS

Summer NAMM 2019

The Silver Sky SE is expected to be relatively similar visually – assuming it does actually appear. The woods and other specs are likely to be similar. But the manufacturing methods and end the price will be different. Usually, the SE versions stay below 1000 Euro. For a “Strat” ​​from PRS this is certainly a good investment.

Good thing Fender does not have a Play Authentic program like Gibson, otherwise the model would surely be the subject of legal action. And an expensive collector’s item in the future…

Beat the fakes

For now there is nothing substantial to report, but if I was a betting man I would put a few quid on a PRS SE Silver Sky model being released sooner rather than later. Especially after seeing fake ones pop up all over the internet recently. It would make sense for PRS to make an affordable model soon, rather than lose money to cheap counterfeit models that might entice players with limited funds.

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PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature model

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5 responses to “John Mayer Silver Sky SE: Is PRS building a cheaper model?”

    William Paxson says:

    Fender could have all the “Play Authentic” they want and wouldn’t make a difference-they couldn’t do anything about the Silver Sky (legal) and can’t do a thing if PRS wants to make a SE version.

    C r says:

    Wow, spreading more rumors and having headlines with questions in them. “Is PRS making less quality guitars? We dont know and we dont have facts! Here’s an opinion heavily bias opinion piece disguised as news!”

      Jef says:

      The news was posted on Music Radar, we just commented on their rumour. The clue is in the same of this website Gear News. As we write news and we always put our opinion on the news. Which is why I gave an opinion. I still reckon we will see an SE version of the Silver Sky, but could not say for definite that it will be released during Summer NAMM.

      murz says:

      “John Mayer Silver Sky SE: Is PRS building a cheaper model?“
      The heading doesn’t say anything about less quality, just cheaper. This would be equivalent to Fender putting out a Squier version of a more expensive guitar. I.e., the recently leaked Squier Starcaster.

        Tim says:

        Au Contraire. When you say “changing manufacturing methods”, you are really talking cheaper and less quality. I don’t think PRS would do that. This article is way too speculative.

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