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PRS Silver Sky with maple neck being played live by John Mayer

PRS Silver Sky with maple neck being played live by John Mayer  ·  Source: Instagram

The PRS Silver Sky rumour mill went into overdrive again this weekend, as images emerged of Mr Mayer playing live with a maple neck/fretboard version of his signature model.

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky with a maple neck

The PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature model usually comes with a rosewood fretboard, so when the picture below was published on Facebook earlier this weekend and originally cam from Mr Mayer’s Instagram account page. Well, all hell broke loose in the PRS player community with the image and speculation has already started on there being a new model out soon.

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky maple neck

John Mayer playing a PRS Silver Sky maple neck?

PRS SE Silver Sky?

Earlier this year, we wrote about rumours concerning a possible PRS SE Silver Sky, which got everyone a little hot under the collar in anticipation. The rumour was started by PRS COO Jack Higginbotham who was featured in a recent video of the PRS SE factory tour. He hinted at an SE version – and now we get a maple neck guitar in the wild…

It seems we are not too far away from the release of a new version of the Silver Sky. The guitar on the photos, we must assume, is a prototype of new model provided to Mr Mayer for his latest tour that will soon be announced officially.


John also lists the guitar on one of his latest Instagram posts and you can see the guitar clearly in the accompanying photograph. He lists it as being used predominantly on “New Light”.


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I think it's safe now to do a post about the rig in this summer tour so far! I'll keep posting as soon as updates arrive. Guitars: The rarities are the "all white" Silver Sky (paint, headstock, back of the neck) and the Silver Sky with maple fretboard. Most of the shows have been done with a Silver Sky. Silver Sky 'all white' Silver Sky w/maple fretboard ('New Light', mainly) Moc Sand Silver Sky The Black One ('Gravity') '64 strat Silver McCarty 594 ('Egde of Desire') 3-Humbucker Sunburst McCarty Charvel San Dimas ('Heartbreak Warfare') Duesenberg Double Cat ('Wildfire') Gibson L5 Martin D-45 Martin John Mayer D-45 Martin 00-45SC Martín OM-28JM 12-string National resonator There's more guitars on tour, but these are the one he has used so far. Pedals: Polytune 3 Keeley Katana Xotic Wah XW-1 Klon Centaur TS10 Mesa Boogie Flux-Five Boss OC-3 EHX Q-Tron+ Neunaber Slate Source Audio True Spring Strymon Flint Providence dly-83 Way Huge Aqua Puss Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Keeley Katana Providence Chrono delay Neunaber Inmerse (not sure, he had it on the Asia tour) Some mini pedal JHS Kirkland boost There's a looper next to the tuner controlling a pedal that might be under the board. There's a Polytune mini noir next to the AquaPuss, that should be for acoustics. I'm missing a last pedal next to the dly-83, which I don't have idea what that is. There's a little pedalboard outside the floor monitors, has 3 pedals and one of those it's a Boss TU-3, so it might be something for the acoustics, but so far no clue on either the pedals or what are they for for sure. Amps * PRS J-MOD 100 * Two Rock John Mayer Signature The third amp has seen some changes. At first, it was the Dumble Steel String Singer #004, but for both MSG shows it was replaced with a Two Rock Sterling Signature, which is a clone of the very own #004. That amp was used heavily on the Continuum tour, also on 'Where the light is' and he played 'Continuum' in its entiriy on the second MSG show). The SSS #004 was behind the amps, not being used. Cabs are J-MODs. A couple of 2×12's and a single 1×12, mic'ed with SM7B's. Behind the amps there are some Fender combos, including a Dual Professional

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An interesting gear list for all you John Mayer fans out there…

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  1. This is wrong information. The Instagram post isn’t his, it’s from a fan page. It’s really easy to see that it isn’t his page, the guy even writes in third person. Please don’t be this lazy.

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