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The PRS Silver Sky was already a fairly controversial guitar. Mainly because it looks so much like a Fender Stratocaster and so many players either love it or hate it. You cannot deny the impact it has had on the guitar community though. Well, now The Guitar Sanctuary in America is offering it with a relic treatment. 


PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Relic

If the John Mayer PRS Silver Sky hadn’t already divided guitar players opinions, then I am pretty sure this new The Guitar Sanctuary version will get players feathers ruffled. Offered in an aged Horizon red this exclusive PRS Silver Sky Relic looks very odd, at least to my eye.





Custom Aged

Essentially, they have taken what I presume was a brand new PRS Silver Sky model and had it ‘custom aged’ or  beaten up, depending on your view point. The Guitar Sanctuary describes it like this – ” Custom aged, to give it a more vintage vibe, feel, and tone”.

Now, I can agree it will make it feel a bit different as the original finish has been scraped and sanded off guitar body and neck. However, I call bullshit on the tone having changed because of the lack of a few inches of paint.

Pristine PRS

Most, though not all PRS owners and players appear to prefer their guitars in mint/immaculate condition and usually the slightest knock on a PRS will dramatically lower its value on the used market. So to see a PRS beaten in such a way is a rare and strange thing indeed.


The only battered famous PRS I know of is an original pre-factory model affectionately known as Casper and that guitar earns every knock and scrape by being gigged heavily and has earned its war wounds legitimately in my opinion. In fact Casper, a 1986 PRS Pre-Standard is probably my favourite PRS model ever and I think the owner Frankie Clarke is an absolute legend. That guitar is the reason I own a white PRS Custom 24, as it was the closest I could find to this model. You can see it in action in the video below.

Frankie Clarke's infamous 'Casper' - the 1986 PRS Pre-Standard

Frankie Clarke’s infamous ‘Casper’ – the 1986 PRS Pre-Standard

Ridiculous Concept?

I kind of believe that a relic PRS Silver Sky is a ridiculous concept, as there is no way you could age the model that quickly in real life (its only been out for two years). However, I get that the aged  aesthetic is popular and more of a creative/artistic choice for many guitar players. But part of me thinks whoever buys into that is all about how it looks and probably just hangs guitars on their wall and put photos of them up on Instagram (okay, I have a few pics of my own guitars on Instagram).

To prove I also put pics of my guitars online here is as link to a few of mine, including a Bill Nash relic etc

The ‘up charge’ for the Custom Ageing’ is USD $400!

What do you think? Is this a great idea? Or is it just plain stupid?

RRP – USD 2699

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21 responses to “PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Relic – Only $400 more than a standard version!”

  1. Jef says:

    My name is on the bottom of every article I write and I said that I do post my guitars on Instagram (you need to read the whole article). The fact that my opinion is different to yours, is just that, it is my own opinion. Luckily, we can all have our own opinions, it is called Freedom Of Speech. I still think the custom aged relic work looks stupid, as the hardware and all the plastics are pristine. Making a few trem springs rusty isn’t really how you age a guitar.

    • Jef says:

      You just have to read the About us section of this site, it has all my details on there. Like I said, my opinion is different to yours, you need to accept that part. As for how many guitars you own, I’m not sure how relevant that is to this argument? As the PRS Silver Sky is two years old as a model, so I cannot see how anyone (even John Mayer) could have done this to the guitar in such a short period of time. If realism is your thing, then this guitar looks pretty bad. But if you just like beaten up guitars, then I can understand that. The claims of the people that made this, like tone enhancement are pure BS. But some people just have to keep drinking the Kool Aid. One of my all time favourite guitars is Reeves Gabrels ‘Brown Dog’ and that thing is not aged, it is just covered in weird bits that make it look old and weird.

      • Jef says:

        You obviously have no idea how the British sense of humour works… Or do you? (that is a joke, just in case you don’t get it) The guy that owns Casper has a large guitar collection and many of them look like that guitar as well. I have over 50 guitars myself and the ones I gig tend to look a bit more tarnished and have dents etc My old ‘vintage’ guitars also looks a little worn and tarnished.

      • Jef says:

        I’ve added an extra sentence at the end of the article just for you.

  2. Big Norm says:

    Hey Jef, you suck…..

  3. mojave rat says:

    Well said, Jef. Every single word.

  4. Murz says:

    Not sure why this got so heated…
    If you’ve ever bothered to look at any other articles on this site, you’d see the respective writer offering their opinion on the subjectIt’s just an opinion, nothing more. I don’t think they are trying to put anyone down; players, fans or builders product alike.
    I find the idea of relic’d finishes kind of silly in their very nature. Several brand new products showing the exact same blemishes, warts and cracks? Seems to kind of annul the charm of a beat up instrument. Especially one that hasn’t even existed long enough to be broken in. But hell, to each their own and if that’s what butters your biscuit, it’s no skin off my teeth. I think that’s ultimately all the author (an admitted Bill Nash guitar owner) was trying to say…

  5. Murz says:

    Also, whats the etymology of the surname Relic-loving Instagram fan? Sounds maybe Mongolian? Or Lapp?

  6. Parpmeister says:

    John Mayer could play a £99 Squier Bullet Strat and get the Mayer tone

    • Jef says:

      Yeah, but if he ‘custom aged’ it first, surely he would get more Instagram followers?

      • Jef says:

        I know right? I really should stop gigging and playing the guitar. So that I can concentrate on my Instagram followers. I knew I was doing something wrong all along with this music business stuff. Doh!

  7. “What do you think? Is this a great idea? Or is it just plain stupid?” Yep, just plain stupid. Actually, it veers into the realm that is known by the infamous “R” word but we’re not supposed to say that word these days I guess so I guess we’re just stuck with stupid.

  8. Murz says:

    That’s not all that’s reflecting who you are.

  9. Zampuuji says:

    Who is fooled by the relic process these days, anyway?
    Guitar players? Ummm….no. We can spot these from a mile away, so why even bother?
    The charade as we all know, is that these guitars appear to have been played in smoky blues clubs nightly for 30 years
    That cat’s been out of the bag for a long long time.
    So, yeah. The PRS Silver Sky relic is just plain dumb.

  10. bob says:

    relic bad, pristine good

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