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Ocean Way Audio Pro 3

Ocean Way Audio Pro 3  ·  Source: Ocean Way Audio

Manufacturer Ocean Way Audio has the confidence to ask USD 10,900 for one of its studio monitors – the 12-inch HR3.5 speaker. The 8-inch Pro2A, which used to be its more affordable option, runs at USD 2050 apiece. If USD 3000 / pair can be considered “high-end on a budget”, then the new Pro3 powered speaker is how the US brand does affordable.

Ocean Way Audio Pro3 studio monitor

Whether USD 3000 / pair is justified to get a slice of the Ocean Way Studio magic in your own control room is a very individual decision. While the speaker has the expectedly impressive spec sheet, I suppose it’s actually hearing it that will seal the deal. On paper, the Pro3 offers a 45hZ – 20KhZ frequency response and 110dB peak SPL. Considering its 3-inch woofer, that makes for a small but mighty speaker. Knowing what my iLoud Micro are capable of, I would never underestimate the Pro3 because of its size.

The cabinet is designed for proper time alignment, reduced baffle reflections and minimal low-end resonance. It’s a ported design, which is understandable for a small-format speaker. The port takes the low frequency extension and loudness where they need to be.

The high frequency driver is made of silk and the LF driver uses a geometrically reinforced aluminium cone withe a vented cast aluminium chassis for optimal strength and linearity. Together with the cabinet, the promised result is minimal reflections, high fidelity and low listening fatigue. Connectivity is facilitated by AES-3 digital inputs and balanced analog inputs. There is also a factory service port – don’t plug your Dante into that!

Ocean Way Audio Pro3 – price and availability

The Ocean Way Audio Pro3 monitor is sold for USD 2994 / pair and is shipping now. Look up the brand’s nearest dealer or its website for more information.


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