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ADAM aims to corner the budget studio monitor market with its latest T-Series speakers, the T5V and T7V. They feature technology used in ADAM’s flagship S-series. With their introduction, a pair of ADAM Audio monitors can be now acquired for just USD 400! Read more…


ADAM Audio T5V

The T5V has a 5-inch woofer and offers a frequency response of 45Hz up to 25kHz — pretty standard for a five-inch monitor. It features the same High Frequency Propagation waveguide used in ADAM’s flagship S Series monitors, providing a wide “sweet spot” — that’s what the manufacturer claims.

The monitor has a rear bass reflex port and a beveled cabinet, which is to make placement in cramped conditions easier. Additionally, the T5V has a DSP-controlled driver crossover and equalizer alongside high- and low-shelf filters. The unit is powered by a 50W Class D amplifier for the woofer and 20W Class D amp for the tweeter. Maximum output is rated at 106dB for a pair. The monitor is compatible with ADAM’s Sub7 and Sub8 subwoofers.


ADAM Audio T7V

The T7V has pretty much the same specs, but it’s got a 7-inch woofer (obviously) and goes a bit louder, reaching up to 110dB SPL per pair. Frequency range is rated from 39Hz to 25kHz, which is pretty good for a 7-incher. ADAM says this one pairs nicely with its Sub8 subwoofer, letting you home in on the very lowest frequencies.

Price and availability

ADAM has primed these for the budget market, so the prices are wallet-friendly, indeed. A pair of T5Vs will cost USD 400 (USD 200 per monitor), while a pair of T7Vs will run you USD 500 (USD 250 per monitor). The specs sound fantastic for the price, and we believe the new T-Series are a product of ADAM’s genuine effort to bring its studio monitor technology down to a very affordable price point. There’s literally nothing missing from these monitors, considering their price and entry-level target market. We are impressed and hope these do sound accurate!

The competition in this price segment is considerable, though, with similarly priced offerings including the JBL LSR 305 and Yamaha’s HS5, HS7 and HS8. All these rank as high sellers on Thomann, so are evidently finding plenty of buyers.

The T-Series monitors are on sale now at ADAM Audio’s dealers, so if you are looking for your first set of monitors, a spare, or a backup, these should be high on your list of speakers to check out. Checked these speakers out and want to give your opinion? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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