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Adam Audio T-Series

 ·  Source: ADAM Audio

Ahead of NAMM 2018, audio heavyweights ADAM introduced its new T Series of affordable powered studio monitors. They are the 5-inch T5V and 7-inch T7V models. The T Series benefit from much of the technology developed for the company’s flagship S & AX Series monitors, yet are cheaper. For example, the monitors make use of ADAM’s U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter design, in addition to a brand new polypropylene symmetrical excursion woofer design that supposedly helps the T Series’ bass reproduction reach lower than competing monitors in this price range.


There’s also the High Frequency Propagation System, designed for consistent horizontal and vertical sound dispersion, crossover DSP, and Class D amplification. Additionally, the monitors feature automatic AC voltage switching for problem-less worldwide operation, as well as EQ controls for compensating less than ideal placements.

All in all, we think ADAM’s new monitors will easily find their way in project studios and video production facilities. They are unmistakably ADAM’s in appearance and offer plenty of technological wham and bam for the money. Having the company’s class-leading tech trickle down to its price-conscious range is certainly a wonderful thing, especially if you are looking for an economical purchase. We believe ADAM will be selling a lot of T Series speakers this year and beyond.

Price and availability

The T Series speakers will start shipping in the end of March. They start at 149 GBP for the 5-inch T5V model and 175 GBP for the T7V. Both prices include VAT, so they will differ depending on how much taxes your country or state is charging.

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