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Sterling MX Studio Monitors  ·  Source:

Sterling MX Studio Monitors  ·  Source:


Sterling Audio are a US-based company who design and manufacture a range of studio microphones. Due to a lack of UK distribution we aren’t familiar with that product range, but apparently they contain some interesting technologies. Also aiming at the cheaper end of the market, they are now producing a new line of active studio monitors.


The entry-level studio monitoring market is becoming a crowded and, presumably, tough one to break into. In view of the level of technology and expertise required, Sterling’s current knowledge of the market should stand them in good stead for making a success of their new MX range.

Sterling Audio have developed their own technology for this series of monitors. It’s called “dual-axis WaveGuidanceVH technology” and supposedly creates “an incredibly wide ‘sweet spot’”. The range consists of three models: the MX8 features an 8-inch woofer and a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter with 125W of combined power; the MX5 has a 5-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter and 80W of combined power; and the rather cute MX3 sports a 3-inch woofer and ¾-inch tweeter with 20W of combined power. There are some variable filter controls for small adjustments to suit your listening environment across all 3 models.


Prices seem to vary and are currently available in USD only, but rough calculations indicate the MX8 will be around 300 GBP, the MX5 around 200 GBP, and the little MX3 around 150 GBP (prices based on an estimate per pair). That’s worryingly cheap, but hopefully a better solution than other monitors at this end of the market.

Who knows if these monitors actually sound any good? There are obviously no reviews or any customer feedback yet as they’ve just been announced, but I hope they will sound more expensive than they cost. There are no frequency response curves, or even bandwidth limits available on their site for these products, which is a shame. I’d love to hear the little MX3’s, it’s very tempting at that price to order a pair just to find out!

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2 responses to “Yet more entry-level studio monitors: Sterling Audio releases MX range”

    Phillip Skeens says:

    These monitors are VERY good. I was looking for a set and compared them side by side to M-Audio, JBL, Yamaha, Mackie, and a few others. They sound terrific! For the price point where they are at I don’t think they can be beat. The Yahama’s are the absolute best and flattest sounding monitor in this class, but they are also considerably more expensive. The MX5 is just a little heavy in the mid range for a reference speaker, but this is not something that should detract one from buying them. I am loving these monitors and think they are well worth the money.

    Sergei Zhukov says:

    I auditioned these monitors yesterday at a guitar center against monitors from JBL, Rockit and Yamaha. I liked the HS-8 the most. Very detailed and overall pleasing sound no matter where you are – the sound fills the whole area. Fantastic for the money. Bass is also delivered wonderfully. Listening to Yamaha and Sterling side by side the biggest difference is that Yamaha highs are kind of piercing when you are up close at the same level. Sterling sounded great both up close and far away at the same volume. Genius!

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