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NerdSEQ Portable

NerdSEQ Portable  ·  Source: XOR Electronics

In a device about the size of a GameBoy, XOR Electronics is introducing the NerdSEQ Portable featuring 8 tracks of tracker style sequencing, sampling, modulation, effects and synthesis.

NerdSEQ Portable

Previously the NerdSEQ was trapped inside a Eurorack module but now it’s been unleashed and starts a new adventure as a very cool little portable sequencing, sampling and modulating device.

It has 8 tracks of polyphonic sequencing in that Marmite-like tracker style that can be routed to the internal sounds, samples or out over MIDI. And if you add a Nerd-Sound-Adapter module you can also route via the CV16 or Trigger16 into your Eurorack.

The tracker-style sequencer offers 254 sequencer rows, 254 patterns with 64 steps, pattern arranging and live pattern triggering. MIDI tracks can use up to 4 note polyphony. For sampling you can load up to 32 sample slots either from an SD card or you can sample straight in using the stereo line input and record up to 150 seconds. The integrated synthesizer has 254 patches and there are 8 slots for automation tracks. Basically, everything you’d find in the NerdSEQ.


This could be a very interesting little device. I’m not a big fan of tracker-style sequencers but I can see its usefulness in a small device like this and I might be tempted to revisit the idea. XOR says that they are looking at the end of the summer for release depending on how well the world gets itself back together but it does give us something to look forward to. The timing of the announcement is also interesting considering that Polyend are scheduled to reveal the full details of their tracker-based groove box tomorrow.

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