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Polyend Tracker Audio Workstation

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At last, the waiting is over! Polyend teased its upcoming instrument with several videos over the last few days. Now the first photos and details about Polyend’s new hardware have emerged: Tracker is coming!


Tracker: More than just a sampler!

Wow! Many had suspected that Tracker would turn out to be a sampler with granular synthesis. But the new instrument also seems to include a sequencer, too. The first teaser pictures were so blurred, all we could recognise was a large knob and display. Now we can confirm it will have both. New images of the instrument have surfaced in certain forums. The name is easily recognisable: Tracker. And that already tells us pretty much the whole story! This secret new device is a comprehensive audio workstation, apparently including an integrated sampler, synthesizer and FM radio. And it probably has a few other interesting trick up its sleeve, too. Promising!

Polyend Tracker

Ad for Polyend Tracker

An ad from Poland seems to imply that Tracker has the ability to power from an external battery. Currently, it’s hard to say if Tracker will compete with Deluge, MPC Live or Akai Force. The big display will, we assume, be touchable. The big control knob should be able to control just about any function.

Here’s a rough translation:

Music at your fingetips

The Polyend Tracker device, manufactured by company from Olsztyn [Polish city] lets you create the whole music album. Its creators were inspired by music composition software popular in 1990s. The device is also equipped with tools to create sounds, synthesis and FM radio. Its compact build and ability to power from external battery will let you produce and record anywhere.

Unfortunately, there are no other official videos or sound demos available, aside from the teaser videos. We are, it’s safe to say, very excited to see what the final product will be like. Especially the price. Polyend will be providing us with official specifications soon. Stay tuned.



We’ve got a proper “teaser” video that does so much tease as rather reveals what it’s all about. That big screen does appear to be many things starting with an old-school Tracker sequencer which I would say is not for everyone and certainly doesn’t fill me with joy. The screen also becomes the parameters for an instrument and editor for a sampler and a designer of wavetables. It’s been suggested that it was a touch-screen but this video suggests otherwise as buttons and dials appear to be the only input devices.

All should be revealed next week.


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More Information

Polyend Tracker Audio Workstation

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8 responses to “Polyend Tracker: A standalone audio workstation with sampler, synthesizer and FM!”

    Ryan says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to learn how to read. It says in the “ad from polyend” that the unit is equipped with an FM RADIO and can be powered by an EXTERNAL BATTERY… the person writing the article claims it has a built in FM Synth and an internal battery. This is how rumors start and misinformation gets spread. Take 2 seconds and check your work and make 100% sure to get your facts straight. Not that hard.

      Angus says:

      Thanks very much, you’re absolutely right. The text did have the correct translation, but I hadn’t amended earlier information that wasn’t correct. Apologies for any confusion.

      Doom says:

      Hey Ryan

      You can point out mistakes without being a douchebag. This is a synth not a hospital respirator. Breathe some air….

    EnergyCrush says:

    God man … I’m really trying hard to be polite and not say @$&_ off man, but anyone and their brother can make another piece of half-@$$ sequencing trash they fail to keep updated or that flows in a well-established pattern that already doesn’t work well for a lot of composition types or people.

    For anyone that has ever spent even a fair amount of time whatsoever with a tracker, 90s or present, and understands how incredibly fast and versitile it is for making not just step- or pattern-based sequences, but full-fledged chord structures and 100% no-holds barred song construction, with no extra midi keyboard or pads getting in your way, this is a $&@#+_ portable non-computer based *dream* that could not have come soon enough.

    Feel free to check yourself, but barring processor and I/O connectivity limitations, this thing is a socks-rocker bar none.

    xonox says:

    This really looks like something i’d enjoy. Looks so classy and a stand alone tracker device is something i’ve wanted for a while. Impulse tracker / schism tracker is one of the software that i enjoyed the most of all my life.

    tmk009 says:

    The only source that it has FM Radio in it instead of a FM synth was the leaked polish Onlineshop Page. To be honest, I doubt they had correct infos posted there. Sounds like bad translation for me. Or a clever marketing trick. Or just my secret silent wish.

    Benjamin says:

    Exciting .. I want to say this will be less menu diving than the mpc live , more powerful than the OB1 which also has FM radio, and a built in tasty Bits GR1 granular sampler all in one with who know how much more

    I hope it’s under $1000

    Tim E says:

    Price is $999 (USD)

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