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UPDATE: More details have since emerged about this story – get the latest here!


In the tiniest of briefest blurred moments at the very end of the latest Polyend teaser video we catch a momentary glimpse of what could perhaps be their new product.

Polyend Blur

Has it really come to this? A whole new news article because of a blurred image that really could be anything? Yes, we are that obsessed with new gear that it takes very little to get us excited.

In a new teaser video released today, Polyend shows us a bit of MIDI action combining their Perc, a Zenko Steel Tongue Drum and a Sequential Prophet 6 desktop. The video description says “it can handle MIDI too”. So we can assume that whatever sequencing is going on is being controlled by their mystery device.

Then, in the last couple of frames, the camera sweeps away past what must be their new mystery device. I’m trying to put together some sort of inspired commentary to this blurred smear of pixels but what can I say? I guess my initial reaction is that it looks like a NI Maschine and for some reason, maybe some of the colouring, I was reminded of the Korg Poly 800. But I think I can see something approaching the Polyend Seq but with 4 channels and 16 steps. Then it’s probably a screen and a row of RGB pads and you can make out the big knob in the bottom right.

What do you think? MIDI sequencer and sampler? Will it have CV connections as well? Will it have a synth engine of some kind? According to the description the date for the reveal is set for the 18th March.


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