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Polyend tease

Polyend tease  ·  Source: Polyend

Polyend is ramping up the tease machine with two new videos since they dropped the first one a couple of weeks ago. In this video they appear to directly sample a Fender Rhodes piano; very intriguing.

Polyend Sampler?

It’s there, right there sitting on top of the Rhodes piano. It looks deliciously thin and stylish as all Polyend products do and it’s got a big knob of the top. The person in the video seems to be fiddling with it and samples of the Rhodes pour out along with some banging beats. Polyend admits that it does “sample” but that doesn’t appear to be the only thing it does.

In another video released a couple of days earlier,

you get the impression that this is much more of a groove box or at least there’s some sort of sequencing going on along with a lot of sample triggering.

Fascinating stuff!

Apparently all will be revealed in March.

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