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Polyend teaser video

Polyend teaser video  ·  Source: YouTube / Polyend

Polyend has released a teaser video for a new product. We don’t know much yet, but the sights and sounds do contain some clues. Is Polyend working on a granular sampler / sequencer?

Update: More videos have appeared as the tease machine ramps up (see below). The latest video shows that it does indeed sample.

Polyend teaser video(s)

The video, which appeared today on Polyend’s YouTube channel, leaves much room for speculation. The description is equally vague and merely states that they’ll release more information in March. The dark, mystical clip doesn’t reveal the device’s front panel. At this point, we don’t even know if the device makes sounds, or if it’s just a controller. But it would be so much more exciting if it did make sounds, so let’s assume that for now.

It obviously has some sort of large encoder, which seems to be used to manipulate samples and loops in a jog wheel kind of way. Is it a sampler or granular synthesizer that allows you to navigate samples and grains using the wheel?

It’ll also have a sequencer, because the person in the video is pressing buttons to launch beats. These are apparently chopped up into small bits and modulated by the wheel, which speaks in favour of a granular concept. The company also states on its website: “Soon, everything will be on the right track.” So it appears that there will be several tracks at your disposal. Polyend has already proven that it knows a thing or two about sequencers with the SEQ and Medusa.

Then there’s the music, which seems like a granular collage of looped and manipulated samples. I may be wrong, but at this point I’m putting my money on some sort of granular sampler with a performance sequencer.

Polyend says that we’ll know more sometime in March, but we might have to wait until Superbooth to actually see the device with our own eyes. Until then, we’ll have plenty of time to speculate.

What do you think? What kind of device/instrument is Polyend working on? What would you like to see?

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