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Warm Audio tease new guitar product

Warm Audio tease new guitar product  ·  Source: YouTube/Warm Audio


Warm Audio has just released new-45 second teaser video announcing a new product for 17 August. Although the video is predictably short on detail, a couple of clues do point in a certain direction… 


A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling…

Warm Audio aren’t widely known in the guitar world, having focussed primarily on studio gear. The company was launched in 2011 and its product palette is inspired by iconic recording equipment from yesteryear. Warm Audio has released a raft of mics and compressors modelled on classic bits of kit like an SSL bus compressor, the Neumann U47 or variants on the Urei 1176 and LA-2A compressors. It has even released two direct boxes with Cinemag transformers.

Warm Audio tease new guitar product

Warm Audio tease new guitar product

Foxx Tone?

This new teaser video, however, may mark a change in direction for Warm Audio, or at leats a diversification. To me, the product in the video has more than a hint of a Foxx Tone Machine fuzz pedal. We will all have to wait until 17 August to find out what the new product is, but my money is on a fuzz pedal, especially as the background music in the video is distinctly fuzz-flavoured!

Check out the video and see what you think. But look out for a fuzzy finish, the disctinctive control knobs and a footswitch, combining to suggest a remake of the Foxx Tone Machine fuzz pedal. Danelectro recently announced a version of the same pedal in the form of the 3699 fuzz, so it could be a good year for reissues of this classic fuzz stompbox.

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Warm Audio tease new guitar product

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