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Mystic Circuits ANA

Mystic Circuits ANA  ·  Source: Mystic Circuits

Mystic Circuits ANA

Mystic Circuits ANA  ·  Source: Mystic Circuits


Mystic Circuits have been having a lot of fun with their Zero-HP range of passive external Eurorack processors. But now they’ve released their first proper Eurorack module which takes up a whole 6HP and requires power and everything. ANA provides a whole bunch of useful and logical utilities.



ANA takes two attenuvertable inputs and combines them in 6 interesting ways.

  • MIN – compute the minimum of the two input voltages
  • MAX – compute the maximum of the two input voltages
  • VCA – compute the XOR, or multiplication the two input voltages
  • MAG – compute the difference between the two input voltages.
  • STEP – perform a track and hold based smooth/ stepped process from the two inputs
  • BOX – perform a bipolar comparator process resulting in a 3 level square wave.

Patching into the IN1 and IN2 inputs make the knobs act as attenuverters. Patching into SUM1 and SUM2 turns the knob into an offset.

Mystic Circuits say that ANA is essentially a collection of ring modulators that’s all about intersections. Feed something in and get 6 different things out. You can combine oscillator waveforms to generate all sorts of waveshapes, or add harmonics via rectification, or distortion. You can generate pseudo-random sequences or apply Boolean logic to CV signals or use it as a characterful VCA. The very colourful manual comes with a series of patch examples to get you digging into the possibilities.

And that’s the thing, it’s a module about possibilities. It requires experimentation and ignoring what you might not fully understand in order to extract interesting and unexpected results. I have no idea what I would use it for but can see that spending time with ANA would undoubtedly produce something cool which learning all sorts of things about ring modulation. Check out the video below for more inspirational happenings.

ANA is available now for $180.

More information

  • Mystic Circuits ANA webpage.
  • More from Mystic Circuits.



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Mystic Circuits ANA

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