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Mystic Circuits 0HP logic modules

Mystic Circuits 0HP logic modules  ·  Source: Mystic Circuits

A gaggle of 0HP logic gates

A gaggle of 0HP logic gates  ·  Source: Mystic Circuits


Mystic Circuits are slightly bonkers. They released a very weird teaser video the other day teasing a new innovative product that would solve all the problems with modular synthesis and three-dimensional space. These were going to be something useful that takes up none of your rack space. Well, it’s official, Mystic Circuits are slightly bonkers, and they’ve released a range of what they are calling 0HP (zero-HP) logic modules.


0HP Modular

So, what’s the deal with these little circuit boards? These are simple CV and audio modules that require no power and so don’t need to be in a case. In fact they are designed not to be in a case but rather to hang about outside your rack like Ninja Star mults do. Currently, they have a VCA/AND gate, and an OR gate. Both made from colourful laser cut plexiglass. The colours come randomly and they say there’s a small chance of getting one of “our fabulous rare colours” – such fun!


When a high control voltage is present the input is allowed to flow to the output. The CV signal essentially opens the gate. Using a high-speed optocoupler the module accepts audio at all inputs so audio-rate amplitude modulation is possible for pseudo-ring modulation effects. When used as an AND gate you get an output pulse when you have a high input at both the CV and audio input. The trigger output also sends out a spike whenever the output transitions from low to high.

Mystic Circuits 0HP VCA/AND gate

Mystic Circuits 0HP VCA/AND gate · Source: Mystic Circuits

OR Gate

The OR gate can be used to combine signals, usually gate and clock signals. The output gives a high voltage whenever there’s a high signal at either input. You could use it to trigger a module from two different sources, such as a gate sequencer or burst generator. The module can also process fluctuation voltages, outputting the maximum of the two inputs. It also has a trigger output that does the same as the other module.

Mystic Circuits 0HP OR gate

Mystic Circuits 0HP OR gate · Source: Mystic Circuits

Cheap as chips

Both of these 0HP modules are ridiculously cheap at $33 built, or a kit for $23, or just the circuit board for $5.


It’s not a remotely crazy idea but I love the humour with which they’ve approached it. Although do we want these little boards cluttering up the space over and around our rack? I imagine they’ll be coming up with all sorts of different functions before too long. It’s a great way to add some spice to your rack without having to buy a new case.

More information on the Mystic Circuits website.

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Mystic Circuits 0HP logic modules

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