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Guitar Gear Gems

Guitar Gear Gems  ·  Source: Instagram/Digitech/Thomann


This week on Guitar Gear Gems we talk about the new statement from Digitech on their Instagram account. Then we head over to look at a guitar made from 700 sheets of Newspaper. 



Digitech posted on Instagram a short video from the Blues Brothers. The famous line “We’re putting the band back together” with the company logo emblazoned over the top appears at the end of the video.

The brand has been in limbo for a while, after recently being purchased by Cort. That looks like it is all about to change though.


Cor-Tek now owns Digitech and DOD

Tom Cram

Tom Cram was part of the original design team that created many of the best-effect circuits for Digitech and DOD.

Unfortunately, Tom and his team were sacked back in 2018 by the previous owner Harman. Tom went on to form Spiral Electric FX and the rest is history. According to his posts on the TGP forum, where he posts as Tom Von Kramm, he might be back as some kind of advisor to the brand.

Is Tom Cram back at Digitech?

Is Tom Cram back at Digitech?

Whammy 5 and more

Most people will know the Digitech Whammy 5 *pedal. . Designs such as the Carcosa Fuzz * and the Rubberneck Delay * are also ones well worth checking out. Hopefully, we will see some more interesting effect pedal designs now that Cort has the brand back up and running once more



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Digitech Whammy 5

Digitech Whammy 5

Customer rating:

Newspaper Guitar

Next up is the latest guitar build project from Burls Art and this one involves 700 sheets of newspaper. A process that involved all 700 sheets being glued together.

Burls Art sandwiched them between planks of MDF and vacuum-sealed them to create a solid newspaper block to work with. Then this was fashioned into a guitar.

Newspaper Guitar

Newspaper Guitar

Paper Neck

Amazingly, the neck and fretboard of the guitar are also made using the same process. Making this guitar one pretty impressive work of art. One that also just happens to play and sound just like a regular electric guitar.


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2 responses to “Guitar Gear Gems: Digitech îs putting the band back together”

    pfrf says:

    I bought extras of my Digitech pedals just in case they disappeared forever. I’m excited that Digitech is alive and well, they make cool pedals.

    Jef says:

    Fingers crossed they will re-release some of the Tom Cram-designed circuits, as they were all great!

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