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Harman fires DOD/Digitech team?

Harman fires DOD/Digitech team?  ·  Source: Digitech

According to Reddit and The Gear Page forum, Tom Cram and the entire Digitech/DOD team have been fired! We’re talking about the team that gave us the iStomp, Richochet, Whammy 5, Ventura, Polara and many, many more fine effects pedals.

Digitech/DOD team fired?

A whole thread over at the TGP Forum and a Reddit page dedicated to this news have sprung up in the last few days. It appears that Tom Cram and his team have all been fired, with their last day being the 22nd June. This is a big blow for many players as this team invented some great pedals and reinvigorated the whole Digitech/DOD effects pedal line up over the last few years.


The DOD/Digitech brands are owned by Harman (a Samsung subsidiary). There is no official announcement yet, so we don’t know anything about the reasoning behind this drastic move. According to Tom, his team’s work was last seen at Summer NAMM 2017, but that he has designs lined up and ready for the next 5 years. Here’s his comment on the forum thread at The Gear Page:

“We “back-roomed” some really cool stuff at Winter NAMM 2018 and it was all 100% ready for mass-production. So some new hypothetical team could take that stuff, and use my 5-year roadmap to produce more DigiTech/DOD stuff in the future. I would love to have those things see the light of day. But honestly, I don’t know what Harman’s plans are from here, all I know is that I’m ready to move on.”

Everyone here at Gearnews wishes Tom and his team all the best in their new endeavours. We will, of course, keep you all updated with any further news on the story as and when it breaks.


by Jef
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2 years ago

The Looking Glass overdrive DOD with help from SHOE pedals is my favorite hands down. Brilliant circuit

1 year ago

I once owned a cheap Digitech pedal. It was just okay but I liked it. Needed an AC adaptor. I contacted the distributor and it was like pulling teeth to get a replacement. They finlally sent me a no-name that did not match the voltage requirement of the pedal. No more Digitech for me. Support is just not there.