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Steinberg Classic Machines

Steinberg Classic Machines  ·  Source: Steinberg

Steinberg Classic Machines

Steinberg Classic Machines  ·  Source: Steinberg

Cubasis on iOS goes from strength to strength and is becoming an almost annoyingly good platform for easy music production. With version 2.2 Steinberg have added a bunch of vintage drum machines, called Classic Machines, to the mix as an in-app purchase.

Classic Machines

Yes, of course, in-app purchases suck but it’s a reality of the pricing model of iOS applications. So, we just have to go with it. Classic Machines is collection of 10 iconic drum machines in an easy-to-use interface that slots straight into your musical environment. Steinberg say that at maximum CPU efficiency the sound quality is “impressive”, which presumably means that if you have a blinged out iPad or iPad Pro then it’s going to sound fabulous. That’s always the thing – whether your particular iPad has enough clout for this kind of intense software.

What you do have though is 10 impressive drum kits. I guess we can make some guesses at the inspiration for each from the names and colours. SIX is presumably a TR 606 type machine? The EIGHT is an easier assumption for those 808 sounds and NINE will then be the 909. After that it gets a bit more sketchy but you’ve got some classic 80’s kits in there: Linn Drum, Oberheim and the like. Each Machine has a classic mode and also an EFX mode just to make things crazy. They’ve got onboard note repeat and velocity control and come with a bunch of MIDI loops so you don’t even have to bang out your own.

At £3.99 for the bundle of 10 drum machines Classic Machines is an easy purchase.

What else is new in Cubasis 2.2?

The existance of in-app purchasing, aptly demonstrated by the Classic Machines, is the first new feature. There’s Note Repeat to make manual creation of MIDI parts easier. As well as a Track Duplicate option. You can also copy pad mappings in the Chord and Drum Pad from one track to another. Steinberg have added a “reset” switch to force Cubasis to load a blank project if things get a little crazy.

Perhaps the coolest thing is that Cubasis 2.2 is on special offer, 50% off until the 18th July. So for a comprehensive music production app, it’s a steal at £23.99.

More information on the Steinberg website or point your iPad to the App Store.

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