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Steinberg Cubasis 3

Steinberg Cubasis 3  ·  Source: Steinberg


Steinberg has released Cubasis 3. The mobile version of Cubase for iOS devices has been rewritten from scratch. It comes with lots of new features, many of which are inspired by user requests. Cubasis 3 is now a universal app, which also runs on iPhones.


Steinberg Cubasis 3

This means that you can now start a project on your iPhone when inspiration strikes, and continue working on it on an iPad later. When you’re ready to take it to the studio, simply export it to the desktop version of Cubase. This seamless mobile workflow lets you make tracks pretty much anywhere, anytime.

Now let’s look at the new features. Steinberg says that the new version of Cubasis contains more than 20 user-requested improvements. One of the highlights is the Group Tracks feature, which came straight from the desktop version. It lets you combine multiple tracks and process and mix them like a single track.

The interface includes new zoom modes, which take advantage of the entire display. You can adjust the size of the mixer channel strips. The mixer can be displayed in full-screen more, and Steinberg says that the level metering is more accurate than ever. With presets for UI scaling, the app adapts to the screen sizes of different iPads and iPhones.

Steinberg Cubasis 3

Cubasis 3 supports Audio Units, inter-app audio and Audiobus 3 · Source: Steinberg

Many new effects

Another major new feature in Cubasis 3 are the eight rearrangeable insert and send effects. These support internal effects and external apps through Audio Units, inter-app audio or Audiobus 3. Inserts can operate in pre and post fader modes, and you can easily rearrange effects by tapping and dragging. Cubasis 3 comes with 75 new effects presets. Furthermore, Audio Unit effects now support automation.

The app also includes improved MIDI, audio and automation editors for more precise editing, a greatly enhanced MIDI resolution of 960 pulses per quarter note, and overdub and looper recording modes. There’s a whole new undo feature, which now offers a history list. You can perform undo and redo actions even while the DAW is running.


You can find a full list of the new features in Cubasis 3 here. A comparison of the new version and Cubasis 2 is available here.

Price and compatibility

Steinberg Cubasis 3 is available from the App store for EUR 54.99. It is not a free upgrade for users of previous versions of Cubasis. However, in-app purchases transfer over from Cubasis 2. Cubasis 2 remains available and is now priced at EUR 26.99.

Cubasis 3 requires iOS 13 or newer and runs on iPads, iPhones and iPod touch. The app uses 1.2 GB of storage space.

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Steinberg Cubasis 3

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3 responses to “Steinberg Cubasis 3: Cubase for iOS just got a whole lot better”

    Nathanael says:

    It’s really cool what we can do now on small devices… on our goddamn phones nonetheless. In fact, the latest iPhones 11 have higher single-thread CPU performance than any Mac, including the new Mac Pro. (Meaning it can run more plugins on a single channel strip and do so at lower latencies than any Mac can.) Why not bring the full DAW experience to mobile with that kind of power? Good on Steinberg. Love the accent too.

    Daniel Ellis says:

    Incredible write-up.
    I truly welcome the manner in which you have written and explained. Worth understanding it.
    A debt of gratitude is in order for imparting it to us.
    Great work..!!

    John Egan says:

    “A comparison of the new version and Cubasis 2 is available here.”

    Sadly, my German is a little rusty: “Vergleiche die Cubasis-Versionen” … Huh…. 😉

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