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Buzz Audio DBC-M Mastering Compressor  ·  Source:

Buzz Audio DBC-M Mastering Compressor  ·  Source:

Buzz Audio have re-engineered their well-known DBC-20 diode bridge compressor for the mastering chain. This is certainly one of those special pieces of outboard you might consider when looking for that extra little something. With some unusual electronics that promise to sound vintage-esque, this should be a versatile tool for the professional.

One of my highly-rated mix engineer friends Adrian Hall has a Buzz Audio DBC-20, the model this new mastering version is based upon. Adrian loves his DBC-20 for mixing and has used it across the mix bus many times. He reports that he finds it very versatile, and due to it’s varying capabilities says it is “not a set-and-forget box”. If you’re looking to invest in a just one, or only a few choice pieces of outboard, I think this is important.

The biggest difference between the DBC-20 and this new DBC-M is the fully switched controls for repeatable settings. This is so important in modern workflows today. I also understand that inside there is a new transformer, which when coupled with the unique diode bridge components, adds to the character of the compression. Buzz Audio are emphasising that this unit delivers a characterful tone, describing it as “tight, colourful and rich with harmonics”. That sounds good to me, and I would love to try one.

It appears to offer many possible settings whilst being switchable, and with a some neat features. For example the internal side chain can have a HPF applied for reducing the pumping feeling when low frequencies are compressed. All this comes at a price, but not extortionate compared to alternative compressors for mastering. The price in the US seems to be around 2595 USD, but we’re not clear on the UK price, or when it will be available.

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