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AIR Music Technology Boom drum machine

Boom is a great starter drum machine with classic electronic sounds  路  Source: AIR Music Technology

By popular demand, AIR Music Technology’s Boom software drum machine is now available as a stand-alone plug-in for DAWs under Windows and MacOS. Boom carries its legacy from Pro Tools, where it was included as part of the Creative Collection of virtual instruments by AIR.

Like most drum machines, Boom is geared up for electronic music production. It features 10 electronic drum kits that pay homage to classics like the 808, 909, 606 and CR78. Each kit has 10 different drum sounds with adjustable pan, volume, tuning, and decay. Drums from different kits can be mixed and matched for creating custom kits.

There’s also a built-in sequencer for making and triggering custom patterns that can be saved as presets. Everything is map-able to MIDI keyboards and controllers, so Boom can behave like a fully-featured, sample-based hardware drum machine. Despite having all the “retro” sounds, Boom looks reasonably modern with its dark interface and intuitive design. It won’t look out of place in your cutting-edge drum synth collection, though it’s a sample-based drum machine rather than a full-fledged drum synthesizer.

Overall, it’s cool seeing AIR Music Technology offer this old fella as a stand-alone purchase. Now, anyone who’s interested can easily buy it and add it to their plug-in collection. Furthermore, Boom is a great starter drum synth for novice electronic music producers that’s going to cover the style’s essential percussion sounds without over-complicating anything.

Price and availability

Boom is available for $80 in VST and AU formats for Windows and Mac computers. A trial version is available for download. AIR currently has a cross-grade offer where you can get Boom for $50 with a valid Pro Tools 8+, AIEP, MPC software, or VIP license. You must contact AIR’s software sales department in order to have the promotion.

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