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TRAX drum vst plug-in

 ·  Source: Producer Spot

Every once in a while, a cool-looking drum machine/rompler with a big ol’ sample library shows up in aid of producers struggling to nail their beats. TRAX by Producer Spot is 2019’s first of this kind, I think. And, tell you what, it’s a sweet-looking plug-in. Styled like a hardware drum machine, it comes complete with 50 drum kits spanning modern beat-driven genres like hip-hop, trap, EDM and the like.

To really work those samples (over 400 in total), you get an 8-channel mixer with built-in reverb and up to four FX layers for each channel. The choice of effects includes analog-style distortion, drum compression, tape/vinyl noise, and filtering to name a few.

You can also experiment with gating, modulation, a sub oscillator, and bit reduction. I’m pretty sure even a novice can coax more than a few usable sounds out of this thing, guided by sheer intuition and curiosity. And it goes without saying that you can sequence TRAX over MIDI, taking advantage of its 16-channel stereo output capability to process each drum source on a separate track. I’m already diggin’ TRAX, and the price happens to be right, too. TRAX is on an introductory USD 25 price, down from USD 50 regular. So a bit more expensive than your typical sample pack, but you get a whole new toy to play with in addition to the sounds. So a fair deal, I’d say!

TRAX can be had in VST, VST3, and AU formats for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac systems. Head to Producer Spot for more information.

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1 year ago

Why does this think look like an Avid/Digidesign Eleven?

1 year ago

Trax made by thenatan company not Producer Spot