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Enforcer forces some hard-hitting lows upon you.  ·  Source: Boom Library

Coming up with a solid kick drum can eat up production time like nothing else! Thankfully, there’s no shortage of tools dedicated to this particular task. And, when creatively abused, these tools can add all sorts of low-end craziness to your instruments and samples.


Enforcer is a new plug-in from Boom Library with tools suited to both kick drum building and sub-bass generating. It has a rad user interface styled in orange, and is a well-endowed bass synth in its own right.

The plug-in is organised in four sections — Pitch, Amplitude, Oscillator, and Trigger Filter. Each features familiar controls that should feel intuitive to anyone that’s spent some time doing basic synthesis. There are a soft clipper and a Dry/Wet mix knob to sweeten up the deal, too.

Additionally, Enforcer can be triggered by any source material so there’s no need for manual sync to your tracks. An abundance of presets is available to get you started and have those windows shaking in no time! Overall, this plug-in looks promising and its design is unmistakably geared towards chasers of hard-hitting sounds that sound big and ugly in just the right way. What’s not to like?

Price and availability

Enforcer is being sold at an introductory price of 79 EUR, down from 99 EUR. It’s available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac computers. A 7 day-trial version is available for testing. The plug-in requires a free iLok account to function, which isn’t much of a bummer but it’s one more application you need to install and tinker with in order to try or use Enforcer — and many other plug-ins out there.

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