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BOOM Library UberLoud

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Sonnox Inflator and the venerable Waves Ultramaximizer are still go-tos for ridiculously loud tracks and masters. I like big, loud, rockin’ music myself. But not too loud that the dynamic range resembles that of a pancake! If there’s one good thing that came out of the streaming era, it has to be the death of brickwall limiting. A mild, reasonable -14dB LUFS peak loudness level sounds good on just about anything. Let brickwall limiting become a thing of the dysmal past, like what gated reverb is for 80’s tunes.


BOOM Library Uberloud

Still, for those times when it’s appropriate to to turn it up to 11+, our friends at BOOM Library have just the thing. Uberloud is a take-no-prisoners loudness maximizer plug-in for when insanely loud barely does it. Apply it with the same care you’d do while handling TNT, or end up like Willie Coyote. It’s up to you!

BOOM Library nails a slick workflow as good as any developer on the cutting edge like sonible, iZotope, denise, Minimal Audio and so on. With just one knob per band for you to adjust, UBERLOUD lets algorithms take over to achieve greater perceived loudness. It uses a clipper to add harmonics, and includes a denoiser to get rid of floor noise that might be raised with everything else. It’s a more sophisticated take on traditional maximizing, which is all about compression and clipping.

The plug-in can be used in 1, 2, or 3-band mode and has 3 types of sonic character (Nice, Push, Stress). You can also dial in input gain, output gain, Denoise, and Clipper. It’s a minimal, but competent control set that lets you get what you want quickly. Uberloud is also very pleasant to look at.

BOOM Library Uberloud

BOOM Library Uberloud

BOOM Library Uberloud – Price and availability

Uberloud is on an introductory sale with its price reduced to USD 59 (ex. VAT) down from USD 85. You can buy it from BOOM Library or our affiliate partner Plugin Boutique. The plug-in is available in 64-bit VST3, AU, and AAX formats for Windows 10 and macOS 10.11 or later. A free iLok account is required for authorization. A free trial version is available from BOOM Library.

BOOM Library Uberloud – More information

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BOOM Library UberLoud

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    Nathanael says:

    Just tried it out, this is a great plugin to use on bass. One of the best I’ve heard.

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