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ADDAC System 104

ADDAC System 104  ·  Source: ADDAC

Twin T-Networks circuits were used in many legendary drum machines and they have inspired ADDAC System to create the 104 analog drum module for Eurorack based on these circuits.

ADDAC System 104

There’s nothing too flashy going on here. The ADDAC System 104 is a straight forward 4 channel analog drum module in 8hp. Each of the 4 channels are the same and feature a frequency range low/mod/high switch with a frequency knob and an attenuverter. The “mod” is for a modified option with extra resonance. They have individual outputs but there’s also a very convenient Mix Output with volume knob.

There are Trigger and CV inputs for each channel although as this is a percussion module the CV is not calibrated to 1v/oct. The Trigger input also features a Gate-to-Trigger converter so that any sort of input can be used as a trigger. This has the added bonus that if you run audio signals through the voice will act as a very destructive filter.

The ADDAC 104 is available now for €160 and they’ll do you a custom coloured faceplate for an extra €55. A DIY kit version is planned to follow soon.

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