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ADDAC 215  ·  Source: ADDAC


ADDAC Systems has announced the 215 “Super Utility” module in the shape of a dual Sample & Hold with a couple of nice extras. 



The 215 uses a single noise source and two precision S&H circuits. This means that deviation is within 0.01% which keeps quantized tuning very tight and detuning to an unnoticeable minimum. The S&Hd sections can also be used as a Track & Hold meaning it holds the incoming input while the Trigger input is ON and lets the input flow to the output when the Trigger input is OFF. Each side has its own Slew processor with a combined control over Attack and Decay.

With nothing plugged in the 215 generates random CV signals based upon the internal noise source. Both sides can be linked so that any trigger to input A with alternate between the two sections.

There are 4 extra outputs giving you access to the Noise, and then combines the two sides as Difference, Average and Sum.


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The 215 is part of ADDACs push to create a lot of functionality into a small space and at only 6HP this certainly fits the bill.

The ADDAC 215 is available now for €125 and should be available soon as a kit.

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