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ADDAC106  ·  Source: ADDAC System

Finishing off their T-Networks series of modules based on vintage drum machine technology the ADDAC106 pumps 4-channels of noise into the circuit for some snare and hi-hat action.


This is very similar to the ADDAC104 module which generates 4 channels of blips, kicks and toms from the T-Networks circuit. With the 106 they’ve added a noise source and created 2 different ways to explore the sounds.

In channels 1-3 there’s a pre-VCA T-Network filter and in channel 4 the filter is applied post-VCA. All 4 channels have Frequency controls, Decay and individual outputs. There’s also a mix output with an option to add some dirt.

The first 3 channels can be switched between Snare and Hat although these simply give an indication of the sort of timbre they’ll produce. In Snare mode all the frequencies come through whereas in Hat mode there’s an additional high pass circuit that removes the strike of the snare. All 3 voices are tuned slightly differently.

The 4th channel has a High/Mod/Low frequency switch (where “Mod” has a resonant boost) and is closer to the typical T-Networks circuit but with the strangeness of noise injected into the VCA and through the filter.

The inputs can be used differently depending on the switch position. With Trigger any incoming CV signal will trigger the sound. Envelopes allow the sound to follow the shape of the input. Mute…. mutes the input. As you start plugging in more sources and different sounds the inputs can get a bit experimental.

The ADDAC106 looks like a great companion to the ADDAC104 giving you the high-end and noise percussion that the other module lacks. It’s not on the website yet at the time of writing but I imagine the price will be similar to the 104 at €160.

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