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WMD Kraken

WMD Kraken  ·  Source: WMD


Kraken is a snare drum module for Eurorack generated by 100% digital synthesis using physical modelling to replicate every realistic nuance.



The Kraken is cool and everything but with the name somehow I was expecting something a bit more epically explosive and monstrously dangerous. Anyhow, the Kraken is certainly no sleeping kitten and harbours the potential of finally putting to rest your never-ending search for the perfect snare drum sound.

The sound is rooted in a digital synthesis engine that uses filters, delay and feedback networks to produce the sound of two heads and a resonant cavity. To shape the sound to your exact requirements you have control over Shell, Low Tune, Pitch and Overtone which defines the model of the drum. This resonator acts as an exciter for a network of noise generation to provide the sound of the snare springs rattling on the bottom head.

You can switch between 3 different modelling sounds. One uses digital noise, another analog noise and a third messes about with pitch shifting. The digital noise keeps everything perfectly the same while the analog option brings the variation and more realistically playable quality.

To keep things fun a Wreck switch offers 3 different forms of distortion from analog distortion to wavefolding and bit crushing.


There are CV inputs to cover everything if you fancy a bit of modulation with your snare modelling. You’ll also find an Accent input and a choice between Stick and Rim for a believable rimshot sound.

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Kraken sounds very convincing and gives you a place to craft an interesting snare sound where often, in modular, you’re just using a splash of noise. Stick in some modulation and you can really push it into unusual places. WMD now has a superb collection of percussive modules including the Crater kick drum, Chimera percussion synth, Crucible cymbal and Fracture particle synth.

Kraken is available now for $299.

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WMD Kraken

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