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WMD Fracture

WMD Fracture  ·  Source: WMD


WMD have a new drum module, it’s a multi-particle percussion synthesizer called Fracture.



It’s sample based and uses a lot of micro samples spun together in a cloud to create large bursts of sound. It kind of initially sounds like a bunch of sticks being shaken or dropped together – very organically percussive. It’s an evolution of their Chimera module and follows the same format. It starts with “Surfaces” which represent different materials. These consist of groups of samples which the engine takes and manipulates from dense clouds into greater space to give a sense of decay. As it plays it generates particles to which you can apply envelopes created a relatively tight shaker sound.

Parameters such as density, tail, the likelihood of particle creation are all controllable and you can go from tight clicks to rustling bushes of sticks. A Spread knob increases the range of pitch applied to the particles pushing the sound towards white noise. A frequency knob controls a bandpass filter and also the centre pitch point of the samples. There’s also a reverb built in.

There are patch inputs for the pitch but also Tick and Infinite. Tick is triggering a single impulse from the engine rather than a whole cloud, giving an interesting rhythmic “tick”. Infinite lets Fracture run as an oscillator. Decay now controls the likelihood that an impulse will play and density controls the frequency to each other. Much noise ensues.


Ultimately you get a very complex percussive noise maker with an extraordinary depth of tweakability. The video below gives a really good demonstration of the sounds and features.

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WMD Fracture

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