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Dreadbox Erebus 3

Dreadbox Erebus 3  ·  Source: sonicstate

Dreadbox Erebus 3

Dreadbox Erebus 3  ·  Source: Dreadbox


Dreadbox recently discontinued the Erebus 2 to much mourning and gnashing of teeth. Then the Lil’ Erebus DIY box arrived to much celebration. Then when no one was watching they snuck out Erebus 3 and we can hardly contain ourselves.


Erebus 3

Loved the Erebus synthesizer. It was a fabulous, playful and somehow cheeky little box that was sad to see go. The Erebus 3 looks like a worthy successor.

The first thing you notice is the extra oscillator and then the much-expanded patch bay. However, it is based upon the architecture of the original Erebus, with some IC changes, but it should lose none of its character. The first two oscillators have all the same features as the version 2 but they’ve added something they are calling “Triple Ring”. It uses the first oscillator to clock the second one while being modulated by the third…. or something. Apparently, there’s also an auto-tuning option.

Oscillator 3 has 7 different waveforms. It can be an LFO, or can be the FM modulator or just an oscillator for sound.

The filter is the same 2 pole filter but they’ve added a slider which will go from Low Pass to High Pass through everything in between. There’s a looping ADSR envelope dedicated to the filter and another ADSR for the VCA. The fabulous echo finishes it off.


In the 35 socket patch bay you get clocking, sample-and-hold, VCA, noise, mult and CVs for most parameters.

The great looking Erebus 3 will cost €499 and be available in a couple of months.

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Dreadbox Erebus 3

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