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IK Multimedia MODO Drum

IK Multimedia MODO Drum  ·  Source: IK

IK Multimedia MODO Drum

IK Multimedia MODO Drum  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia MODO Drum

IK Multimedia MODO Drum  ·  Source: IK Multimedia


Well, we guessed from the tease that it was going to be something about drums and now IK Multimedia has revealed MODO Drum a virtual instrument built on physically modeled drums and percussion.



The idea is to offer the most customisable drum kits the world has ever seen. Using a combination of model synthesis and advanced sampling MODO Drum hopes to give you an impressively accurate and authentic drumming experience.

Highlights include:

  • Groundbreaking real-time modal synthesis technology
  • 10 iconic drum kits cover every style and genre of music
  • Adjust every element of the sound on the fly
  • Control the entire act of playing drums – kit, play style, sticks, room and FX
  • Integrated Grooves manager with over 1400 grooves in many different styles

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Basically, you can control and tweak every single aspect of the drum kits. You can alter the shells the skins, the tension, sticks, materials and all that before you start thinking about microphone placement and room acoustics. The level of detail is ridiculous and if you ever wanted to craft a drum sound from the physical component parts then this is your chance. The rest of us are probably wondered why on earth we’d want to do that.

But it’s not just the drum sounds it’s also the drummer and the playing style. You can work on how the sticks hit the drum, whereabouts they land and the consistency of the playing – wow!

At the end you then have all the mixing and processing you could possibly desire. If MODO Bass gave you more control over the bass guitar than you could ever need then MODO Drum does the same for the drum kit.

It also comes with over 1400 MIDI pattern grooves to cover every imaginable rhythm and “kickstart your creativity”.

It’s an extraordinary thing. I’m curious to hear from people who believe this is the level of control they’ve been missing all this time. Is this amount of detail something people want? IK Multimedia believes so and the software is certainly up to the task.

MODO Drum is available for preorder for an introductory price of €299.

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IK Multimedia MODO Drum

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One response to “MODO Drum: physically modelled percussion from IK Multimedia”

    Jack Tripper says:

    Looks like it will require 20GB of hard drive space, roughly comparable to SSD4 + Expansions (23GB). MODO Bass is great, I wonder if this can match it.

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