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Prok Drums

Prok Drums  ·  Source: Prok Drums

Prok Drums

Prok Drums  ·  Source: Prok Drums

Prok Drums

Prok Drums  ·  Source: Prok Drums

That’s a bit of a mouthful. Prok Drums are 4 compact and expressive Eurorack percussion modules. There’s a Bassdrum, Share, Hi-Hat and Handclap and they are all DSP based and come in kit form.

Prok Drums

Built or evolved out of the Music Thing Radio Music module, Prok Drums is virtual analog percussion sounds programmed into a 4HP Eurorack module. Each of the 4 modules focuses on a particular sound but then gives you the ability to morph between the synthesis parameters held within.

Here’s what they say:

BD : Bassdrum

The Bassdrum synthesis engine can take you anywhere from the simple 808 / 909 one oscillator bassdrum sound, to screaming hardcore kicks that combinine four oscillators, two waveshapers and a noise source. You want solid, it does solid. You want banging distorted harmonics you get them too.

SN : Snare Drum

Snappy stuff. Splashy things. Sounds a bit like the 808 and 909 but BETTER and does more than both combined. 2 oscillators and a specially crafted shift register based noise source. The 909 has one but this one is based on the famous SID chip. It also features variable sample rate so you can reach that sweet airy high noise as well as those low down digital dirty noise grains.

HH : Hi-Hat

Clicky sounds, metallic sounds. 6 square wave oscillators and a SID style noise generator are routed through a web of filters, envelopes and waveshapers. It can also make chords and drones or can be used as a weird noise source.

CP : Handclap

Take 3 noise sources : White, Pink and SID of course, mix them, waveshape them, run them through filters and special clap envelopes. Add a touch more filtering and some reverb. C C C CLAP. etc. There’s a huge variety of clap sounds available, from crispy X0X and Linn style to the tight RZ-1.

In all 4 modules you have control over the X and Y position so that you can morph in 2 dimensions. The 4 lights at the top give you an idea s to where you are. You can trigger the sounds manually or via CV and you also have CV control over the X and Y position.

These are a lot of fun, they sound different to regular 808/909 kits because you can push them all over the place and find  your own sounds somewhere within the morph. And they only cost £79 each. The slots in the front make me wonder if they are interchangeable, but they don’t seem to be. However, there is an app coming which will give you proper access to the all the synthesis parameters.

Check out the demo by Divkid below for an idea of what they’re capable of.

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